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You Are So Beautiful To Me

--by Aurelia, posted May 24, 2007

I was attending a Fundraiser Gala Celebration for a school. Now, I've recently lost weight and felt good about how I looked in my outfit ... which I hadn't felt in years!

Once I got to the event, many people where telling me how wonderful I looked.  To be honest, it felt great to hear that because I worked really hard to look and feel better.

Then, all of a sudden, I was thinking how I wished someone had given nice compliments last year when I was heavier. I did look nice then too, I had a nice outfit, pretty hair and carried myself nicely...

So I started looking around the room for people I knew that were maybe not what was considered "thin" and I went up to them and told them how nice they looked and that I loved their outfits ... they were true comments and came from my heart. 

Oh, you should have seen their faces light up because I took time to notice them and let them know they are just as pretty as anyone else there! I think it'll make us closer because they know I care.

We should all look for something nice to say to one another to lift one's spirits.

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josietn wrote: Wonderful! So many people sit in judgment of each other. I always have tried to find something to compliment my students or anyone i meet. :)
Suzie wrote: Sometimes our own experiences make us more aware of another person's plight. You gave out blessings that were sure to have made SUCH an impact. Yea for you!
butterfly 50 wrote: That was very good of you. you remembered how you felt a year ago, and blessed someone else. sometimes when you are overweight some people for get we have feelings to. THANK YOU.
brighteyes wrote: an old song states: Everyone is beautiful in their won way...I personally look for beauty inside....the at peoples faces; their eyes, their smile, etc.
I too, am on a roller coster with weight loss and gain....I have finally accepted myself as is....I try not to be influenced with what society and others feel is beautiful....its what I feel inside....its what type of person one is....I loved the fact that you are compassionate and thought to compliment are you...whether heavy or thin and beautiful and so is everyone else. Proud to count you as a group friend and continue to spread your warmth, love and kindness....YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE EVERY DAY!
Smiles from Brighteyes ;)
mercurialgirl wrote: I've weighed alot less, I've weighed alot more. I've struggled my whole life with my weight. People do so treat you differently according to your size. It has taken me years to realize, no matter what I weigh...I am the same person inside, the superficial outer shell may change, but I am who I am, and what I think and feel about myself, my inner self, and the world doesn't. People have to stop putting so much emphasis on appearances. Look deeper...
tenderheart wrote: beautiful. absolutly great. You are making a difference on everyone. by sharing ositive thought to those that needed or simply because. it's wonderful .great work and thank for sharing. guenuine boosting slef-esteem; I give it two thumbs up. everyone deserves compliments. :) continue making people smiles.
AiyaZaynab wrote: What a wonderful thing to do! :) I like to do something sort of like that, if I see a person anywhere that I think is gorgeous, I will often tell them they are. Such an awesome way to spread smiles. <3.
His Bride wrote: Recently at a Christian conference, I experienced an intimate moment with God during the rehearsal of the worship leader. She was singing, "You are so beautiful to Me" This was the fourth time I had felt the presence of God was singing this song just to me. It was the most touching moment I had experienced with Him in a long time. I refuse to listen to what the world dictates what I must look like to gain acceptance any more. If God can speak these intimate words to us, what can the world say about us? I found this site while looking for that song. You are so BEAUTIFUL to me and to GOD!
EePee wrote: Your sharing has made me feel GOOD!! THANK YOU.
sleepytomato wrote: I'm glad that you realized that beauty is only skin deep because unfortunately in today's society, people forget to remember that :( You were a bright light to those people and I'm glad that instead of joining in with the crowd, you didn't conform and did what you believed was right :)

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