Stories of Kindness from Around the World -- It's A Wonderful Thing!

--by mopargoddess, posted May 27, 2007
As I've grown, and began to face the realities of the world, I found myself becoming more and more depressed over all the things I COULD'NT do for people.  But after a life-moving experience, I realized I needed to face what I COULD do for people, and that's where It started.

I do little things such as collecting pop tabs for dialises, and canned foods for the bank, and also volunteering at the Humane Society. But I still feel it isnt enough. Then I heard about Smile cards and I thought it was one of the greatest ideas EVER!

I'm a FIRM believer that kindess is contagious and I'm going to spread it world wide! I didn't have any smile cards, so I started writing down the words "I appriciate you" on scrap pieces of paper and handing it to extra special people. And I JUST got my smile cards in the mail today, and I CANNOT WAIT to share them.

I've posted on my myspace in hope of spreading it to my friends, and so on to their friends and family and so on and so on! I really believe that the world would be a better place if everyone was just alittle nicer and respectful to others.
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AURELIA wrote: Mopargoddess, That's great that you try hard to be consciencious about helping others. Constant small steps are leading to giant ones. I will send you some Karma Points so you can get more cards!!! KEEP That Smile Big and Proud that you are helping others!~Aurelia
Babygirl wrote: You never really know what your capable of until you see it for yourself. Every act of kindness that we do is like a was meant for us to be there at that point and time for that specific reason. Don't count yourself short because from small ripples come great waves.
susiq wrote: I understand completly how you feel and I am so glad I found this group whose only purpose is to help others and be positive and caring. Every little act of kindness counts and thats something I am doing as often as I can and yes as you said writing kind things on scraps of paper just to let people know you care matters. Keep up all you kind acts they matter more than you realise
Khosto wrote: Heart that reached out to others is a heart of greatness a heart that is full of compassion and love, I always had the sense of reaching out to people and in a way it always made me have favour in the eyes of both man and God. I use to tell my friends that, small things that we do with open heart can and have a very huge impact to others, I even refer that to Remember, what is small in your eyes may be too big to others eyes. I say let your character portray the needs of your heart, never stop laughing never thinks that some thing is small and ignore doing it do it and surely you will witness huge results. Keep up the good work
brighteyes wrote: KINDNESS IS EVERYTHING!!

Just reading your story gave me a lift..and like you I am expecting my smile card any day now and can't wait to use them....I also thank and bless everyone at as this is a fantastic site and very uplifting...keep the stories and ideas coming.
sleepytomato wrote: To find people who believe so firmly in the power and greatness of kindness is indeed truly a blessing for me :)
Lovebug wrote: Mapargoddess, I had to look up the word epiphany, it means super human being, and so your are and everyone else who participates with this little web site, it better than drugs, you have touchted my soul, keep up the good work, I can feel a healing coming to me
ieiblue wrote: we can never really say how much it means to others though we think we've done nothing... but anyway... we must always continue what we've started in here.. not for any self satisfaction but simply because in our hearts we know that we care even in our own little ways!!! big big hug! :P

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