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The Angry Girl

--by katelynnsnanny, posted May 29, 2007
There was a young girl in my church who was always angry. She never smiled and felt like no one cared.

So I started sending her cards once a week (secretly, of course!) to let her know that someone cared for her or that she was beautiful or something like that.  Basically lift-me-up kind of cards.

Ironically, I noticed she started smiling more at church and talking more to people. She was much happier and I could see her radiant smile.

It felt so good to encourage someone else, because I am myself a very shy person.
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Nickgrand wrote: Very nice of you to notice that
Tikit wrote: I love your story. In this age of email everything, a real card or note, means so much more. Anonymous cards are awesome!
zidlore wrote: Ordinary papers given with love and care surpasses what joy money can give. I never thought these cards are so versatile! ^_^
wings wrote: wonderful deed.
brighteyes wrote: I love your story...I too, send cards to cheer or inspire as well as holidays....I learned that from my Mom who says every card is love and sending them is sending love. I also like to hold the card in my hang before I seal the envelope and visualize laughter, healing, that person feeling my hug, etc as I believe the energy is also felt even if not acknowledged...which I believe that young girl felt...not just the card but the caring and love...such a little thing but so thoughtful...kudos to you!
AURELIA wrote: I agree with Brighteyes, you have done a great thing and cards are a perfect way to lift someones spirits. They can keep them and go back and read them again to keep putting smiles back on their face. Keep up the Good Work :) ~Aurelia
Babygirl wrote: I found that cards can truly say what we feel for another person and especially for those of us who are shy, they can brighten someones life they can change someones life but they also help us to reach out to others, Bless you for thinking of someone elses well being, you were just the angel this young woman needed.
ieiblue wrote: hey kate send some of those to me.. heheehehhe... but really... so nice of you to even notice that....:P

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