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Small Gesture On The Train

--by purplefrenzy, posted Jun 7, 2007

After spending a lovely day in London with a friend, I was on the 40 min train journey home retracing the day I had just had. 

It was rush hour and the train was crowded but across the isle, I saw a lady looking quite flustered and upset.  I felt very concious as I kept looking over at her and she kept catching me looking. 

In the end, I couldn't help myself and ask, "Are you okay?"  Tears fell down her face and she simply replied "Oh thank you for asking! I am alright. Honestly. I've just had a very bad day, but it is so nice that you took the time to ask and have made me feel a little better knowing there are kind people out there in this world."

It wasnt much of a gesture but I felt I had done a little to ease her pain with my little gesture.

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Readers Comments

Nickgrand wrote: Thank you for shearing!! God bless!
Flowers wrote: The smallest things can make a difference!
aogrn wrote: Thank you for caring
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: Every little gesture makes a difference so thanks for caring!
brighteyes wrote: Purplefrenzy.....your story touched me and sometimes the littest gestures mean the made her day and mine nicer....thank you and keep up those ROAKs. Everyone ROAKs makes a difference and the world a better place.
ieiblue wrote: hi purple!.. you know... been through a lot the whole day too.. thanks sharing this story.. I kinda feel you'll gonna be askin to me it too... :P

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