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A Doll Next to My Brother's Hospital Bed

--by supersaladgirl, posted Jun 2, 2007
Recently my brother was admitted into the hospital, for just a sort of routine procedure.  While he was in there for a few days, I stayed with him all day and my parents slept there. 

Beside him lay a little girl, almost doll-like, in a sea of sheets ... I couldn't place it but something looked so hopeful about her.  She, too, was a bit of a regular (I later found out) so being at the hospital was probably nothing new to her.  She talked like any child, upbeat and giggly, but she just seemed so old for her age.

When I saw her, she looked a bit lonely; her mom had stepped out somewhere and we were in the process of moving into the room. Naturally, I smiled and said, "Hi" out of pure social habit.  At first, I think she was confused but then she warmly smiled back.  I could only think of the recognition she wouldn't get due to whatever condition she had-- masses of people who only talked to her out of pity or just overlooked her all together.

I went home that day and didn't think much of it--to me she was just a person,and being friendly, just like talking to people. A simple "Hi" and some other words probably didn't make a world's difference.

Turns out that after I left, the little girl talked to my mom about how happy that'd made her -- that I was actually talking to her.  I'm no Mother Teresa obviously, but somehow it felt so warm inside to know that insted of the usual frowns she saw, I was a reason for a rather toothy grin. :)  As wierd as it sounds, I actually looked up to her; there was sense of uncommon courage in her ... I can't put it to words even if I tried ... but it was there. 

I just spent a few minutes with her but perhaps I could've done more?  But it still felt good, kind of like I just accidentally grabbed a handful of stars while jumping carelessly around the yard with no particular intent.
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Nickgrand wrote: Thank you for shearing!! God bless!
brighteyes wrote: I once heard somewhere they we should always acknowledge and greet one another as that validates them and us. It's such a small gesture with a HUGE impact....also greeting, smiling and looking into anothers is important....I have noticed its so hard to always do this...especially when you feel the discomfort from them...but I am trying to greet and smile at everyone I meet or pass by...I know I love the acknowledgement too...toodles
ieiblue wrote: hi supersaladgirl...know what?.. your story uplifts's as if I was the little girl whom you smiled... thanks so much.. :P
AURELIA wrote: Supersaladgirl, A smile on your face being passed on to someone who didn't seem to have much to be smiling about until she had to opportunity to Give one BACK to YOU!!! :) Isn't it amazing how simple it is but very important to do. I pray your brother is better and doesn't have to go back to the hospital anytime soon ~Aurelia
warmth wrote: i m glad that in such a situation too u have been really kind. Keep up the good work

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