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A Cake For The Man Who Waves

--by xenahugs, posted Oct 16, 2014
I baked two cakes last night - one for my children and another to give away today. 

When I have the opportunity to go walking or jogging outside I often see a man in a wheelchair. He sits outside his home and smiles and waves at passers-by. 

So, my daughter and I packed the cake in tissue paper and colorful yarn, then placed it in a bag with a Smile Card. 

She was so excited to give him this gift! Her excitement and his happiness made it all so worthwhile.
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Readers Comments

bulgaa3 wrote: Happy on behalf of the man.
SHANU DANIEL wrote: Great ideas, makes a great nation.
Infinity wrote: I would bet your sweet gesture was the kindest he has ever received :) yummy on all counts!
doug1234 wrote: What a great idea, love it
Skyblue wrote: I think that's wonderful. What was the man's reaction?
wavingatyou wrote: Smiling and waving and eating cake! Life is good :) <3
michelelpurcel wrote: What a neat idea! :) his stomach and soul both quenched. :)
Zette wrote: How lovely! What a great inspiration. :)
sandyremillard wrote: Sweet kindness. Bless you!
mel37865 wrote: How very nice!

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