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Twenty-five Dollars Isn't Much, Or Is It?

--by carey442, posted Jun 20, 2007
My 13 year old daughter babysits for a 2 year old and an 8 month old.  As it happens, she had a track meet on one of the nights she babysits.  So I volunteered to pitch in and babysit so they wouldn't have to miss work. 

The parents of these precious babies have recently come across some hard times financially, with a job loss. Now he delivers pizza and she is a server at a nice restaurant in a nice hotel.  They are struggling. 

When the mom got home from work, I told her of the events of the evening with her kids (the 2 year old threw a plastic fish into the toilet and clogged it up) and she tried to pay me $25.00!  I told her that this one was on me.  I enjoy looking after kids and to me, after raising three of my own, spending four hours with her two wonderful kids wasn't a big deal to me. 

I saw her shoulders slump over with relief and knew that I had made the right decision. 
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hurricane wrote: What a selfless, thoughtful and caring gesture! Keep up the great job!

hurricane =O)
barbara wrote: I am a single mother who receives no help from my children's father (my ex husband). I can only imagine how relieved you made that family feel! Those little breaks every once in a while keep us going! Thanks!!! (want to babysit for me? kidding)
AURELIA wrote: Carey442, What nice thing to do. I'm sure that couple will remember how good you were and always be kind and caring to you and your daughter if you ever need a helping hand. SMILE. ~Aurelia

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