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A Trunk Full of Goodies on Good Friday

--by cola2sweet4words, posted Jun 20, 2007

My family and I have suffered some severe financial difficulties this year, and were struggling to put food on the table for awhile. We didn't share that information with anyone, not even family, so when we got our blessing, we were very happily surprised!

I got a call on Good Friday asking if I could stop by the place where my sister works; she had a gift for me. Since we are a close and generous family, I didn't think anything of it. When I arrived at her work and she opened her trunk, I could not believe my eyes: the "Easter Bunny" had left a huge basket for my family, filled with food and goodies!

In the basket was enough food to make a full Easter dinner, right down to pie for dessert, and some chocolates for the kids, eggs and coloring, even three precious little stuffed bunnies. Somehow, a local church decided that we were worthy of such a generous gift, and donated it to my family via my sister.

We were able to not only have a beautiful and bountiful Easter, but we had enough to share with others in need as well. It felt so good to not only eat, but to share! It truly was an Easter we will never forget, and I still count it as one of my daily blessings! I received a thank you note shortly thereafter from the family that we shared with, and it is still on my fridge.

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treeflowerpuzzle wrote: What a nice surprise!I am the mom of two special needs kids and last christmas some people showed us extra generosity.Though we aren't poor we had to pay $2,ooo to fix a leaky roof around that time.It restores faith in humanity when people do things like this.God Bless.
hurricane wrote: Brought tears to my eyes...I've been getting that way a lot after reading many of the stories such as yours. I wish you prosperity and enough food to never go hungry.

hurricane =O)
brighteyes wrote: Wonderful story....if everyone kept their eyes, ears & heart open, then this type of kindness would be more prevelant...thanks for sharing.
AURELIA wrote: Cola, Isn't that a beautiful thing to be part of!!! Everyone wins when kindness is extended. I'm so happy that you were able to be together with others and also share on Easter. SMILE. ~Aurelia

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