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Just Listening

--by AiyaZaynab, posted Jun 20, 2007
I've found that just listening to people, and their problems, and what they're going through, is a good way to show kindness. A lot of people just want someone to pay attention to them, to hear them out. I know I do.  And it's a wonderful feeling when someone actually cares enough to want to listen to you, your deepest thoughts and troubles, and help you dig to the roots of it all. 

I want to become a therapist someday, God willing, and although a lot of people think that are just "quacks" that don't know what they're talking about, that's not true. They truly want to listen to you and they care about their fellow human beings enough to actually help them. A lot of people think suffering is only physical.. more often it is psychological. 

Anyways.. I'm going off on a tangent.. so in a nutshell: really listen to people. God gave us 2 ears and only one mouth for a reason.
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jan2008 wrote: You are so right, sometimes people simply want others to take time and listen to them. Some people have a great need for attention. To listen sometimes gives others a chance to express themselves while you listen, an act of kindness you did.
orchid wrote: that is so great.some day your dreams will come true . :)
kylierose16 wrote: That is so true. Listening is priceless, because not all people listen. :-)
Aliennore wrote: may god bless you! i am preety sure that you will become a professional therapist some day and i think what you're a blessing from god ^_^
tenderheart wrote: great decision. I know you will do just great as a therapist. you already have the skills for it. I am glad that you are willing to give your gift of listening to others. not many of us listen; actually listen so i think we all need to take a second in listening to others as well as ourselves. Listening is great; it;s great to listen and make people loved for it. thanks for sharing and continue listening to others and I guess we need to follow and have our ears ready to listen like mickey mouse. :)
warmth wrote: Thank u for reminding why we have ears. Thank u so much for sharing this wonderful story
AURELIA wrote: Follow your dreams and make good use of your God Given Talents.Patience and a Good Listener combined with the smarts to use them as a professional will benefit many in need. GO FOR IT:)
brighteyes wrote: I too feel listening is a wonderful gift of kindness is a skill that many people no longer practice in our hectic society....always in a hurry, multi-tasking, etc. "Active" listening which is focusing on the "total" person,
body language, tone, what they are saying should be all of our goals...THANK YOU for doing just that.
I always want to encourage you to pursue your dreams as a is a worthy profession and you seem to have the strengths that are needed and will be able to help many people. God Bless You and keep moving forward to make it reality. Brighteyes ;)
ieiblue wrote: hey aiya.. am dreaming the same thing that you have... hopefully i can go back to school and study how to listen... :P
FREEhugsROCK wrote: what you say is totally true, sometimes all we need is someone to listen and everything turns out OK...

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