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Accidental Firefighters

--by FREEhugsROCK, posted Jun 21, 2007

Where I live, July 1st means firecrackers!   Last year, we had just finished lighting off a heap of firecrackers on the beach and had watched the show, so we started walking home. That's when we saw the smoke.

Near the museum (about 50m away) there was a bushfire. The dry grass and pandanas were burning away with no intention of stopping. The museum cafe staff were trying to put it out but they were only two women and having a hard time of it.

The fire department was working overtime that night and hadn't showed up yet.   So my dad, myself, my two younger brothers and their two friends drove closer and started helping out.  After about 20 minutes of  hauling water back and forth from a tap we managed to get the fire out!  We headed home, covered in ash.

As we were leaving, one of the cafe chefs called out to my dad: "They're some great kids you got there, you know?" My dad just smiled and nodded.

I don't think anybody ever found out it was us that put out the fire. We weren't made honorary firefighters but what that cafe chef said made it all worthwhile!

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Sophie wrote: You should be proud of yourself for doing that good deed!!
warmth wrote: Brave Work. Kudos to you. Thank you very much for sharing your story.
AURELIA wrote: That was such a brave thing for you and your family to do! The cafe owner would have lost everything if it weren't for you...I bet they'd like to thank you and shake your hand...I would if it happened to me. Terrific Act of Kindness, Now can you Top it???~Aurelia
brighteyes wrote: Loved your teared up when I read the comment about you all being great kids and that it made it worthwhile...I liked that you felt good and didn't need the external recognition from the fire dept to feel good....what a wonderful person you are...keep up the good works and keep writing these stories and comments. Brighteyes ;)

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