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Breakfast of Kindness Stories!

--by warmth, posted Jun 21, 2007

Hi Friends,

Since I have become a member of, I have made it a point to read stories whenever I log onto the Internet.

I feel so good and light at heart. I think I have become mild too, as sometimes I flare up in small things. But somehow I'm able to control my temper and be calm. I try and see the goodness in everyone and let go off things which I don't like.

I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for such wonderful stories and writing inspiring comments.


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jan2008 wrote: Thank you for your comments, I too am happy that I found this site. It makes you want to do acts of kindness. If we think about it, as we go about our daily lives there are always even little ways to be kind, simply a smile at someone and they smile back makes it all worthwile.
Thank you for sharing.
Samsonmybf wrote: I do that too, this is one of my favorite sites. I always get up early and start my day with positive thoughts!
Have a great day! :)
manzi wrote: Thats true these stories fire me up.They energise me and I start my day on a good note.Guys lets continue encouraging each other.Its nice to have friends!
Babygirl wrote: Morning Warmth, I too do the same thing each and every morning because this site helps to give me my center to start the day and to look for the good in people where ever I may be, and believe me my days can get pretty crazy, so when those days happen come to this site to help me make sense of all the madness. Keep up the smiles and the smiles will come to you.
brighteyes wrote: DITTO Warmth! Ditto everyone!! I too pop in first thing in the day and start my day in a positive note reading stories and comments....then if I have a story, quote or inspirational I share....I do believe this site is balm for my soul and I seem to be much more compassionate and patience....I smile more and I am more vigilant for kindness opportunities.
Brighteyes ;)
bhappy wrote: Warmth, I do the same thing every morning and my day seems to be much brighter!!!!
Hugs to Everybody,
Becki - So. California
sasha wrote: You know Warmth I just log on and was reading the stories when I saw yours and it is so true. Whenever I read the stories and the comments my heart is full of joy. So everyone let's continue to write our stories and keep happy. Love you all.
AURELIA wrote: Warmth,I start off my morning with Smile because of these inspiring stories and look forward to each morning to see what ideas I can get and also be a "witness" to these kind acts and compassion. Watching the news is so depressing....Reading about RAOKs is a much better way to start off OUR day...SMILES to all...<3 Aurelia

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