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A Forgotten Young Man

--by manzi, posted Jun 21, 2007

Some years back when I was growing up, we had a young couple who were our neighbours.  They had five children and were a fairly established couple, with a car and other amenities.  Since we were neighbours, their children were like my brothers and sisters.  I must say they lived a good life; their parents took them to better schools than us.

In 1988, though, their father passed away.  Two years later, their mother died too.  All of a sudden, the children became orphans.  Some greedy relatives husttled the car and other valuables and the children became destitutes.  They moved out of the neighbourhood and went to stay with their grandmother in the village.

Fifteen years later (early this year), I ran into one of the boys. I couldn't believe what I was seeing!

Somehow the boy remembered me and then we remembered the "good old days" as neighbors.  By the time I had heard his full story, I was in tears -- his elder brother and siter had died of aids and since there was nobody to look after them, they got wrapped up in illicit sex and drugs.  I asked the boy what he was doing now and he said that although was married with one kid, he wasn't doing anything meaningful.  Fighting back tears, I asked him if he needed some help getting back on his feet.   He said he wanted to start a small bussiness of his own.  And so, I then gave him some money which I must say, he has wisely used.

Last week he came to see me. He was a changed man!  He looked much cleaner than the time I met him, and he thanked me profusely for the little help I had provided.  He said from the amount that I had given him,he had made a significant profit which he has reinvested in his business.  The young man is now happy, is able to take his son to school and pay for his rent.  Next term he is enrolling his younger brother into some agricultural course, too.  He was truly happy.

And I am happy, too.  Happy that my little help has made a difference in another person's life.  Indeed these little acts when put together make a bundle -- a bundle of happiness, a bundle of love, a bundle of excitement, a bundle of joy!

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Charlie wrote: What a wonderful gift to give, not just the money but the trust that he would use it wisely. You are a mensch (a person who does good)
Harisuthen wrote: Many people only feel pity for others. Only some people helps to solve others problem. You one of that some. God bless you!
kalra wrote: Generally rich people are miser at heart and poor people rich at heart. Rich is comparitve term. Key to happiness in my opinion is to be rich enough to live with reasonable means and rich enough to share with others. True happiness lies when richness in money and heart growing together.
sethi wrote: Thank you for bringing a smile on your friend's face.
Karen wrote: Junebug was so right. That is exactly what love is all about. Loving our people we share this great earth with, and actually doing something to make a difference in someones life.
bytheocean2 wrote: God bless you. I think the lord made it happen that your would run into each other after so many years. You are a true humantarian.
faithnut wrote: God bless you!
Pradeep Mohapatra wrote: Intent is matter when some body is giving that has clearly narated.
Akshaya wrote: Wonderful manzi, i had tears in my eyes. What a way to help. Keep up the good work.

Tigerlily wrote: Wow. You changed the world my friend --- all in one kind act. God bless you richly!

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