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Mystery Muffin Giver

--by brighteyes, posted Jun 22, 2007

What would it be this morning -- a warm Blueberry Lemon?  Banana Nut? Cranberry Orange? Oatmeal Raisin?

There is always a warm muffin or two tucked into a white napkin and placed next to the morning newspaper, waiting for me once I open my front door.

Who is the Mystery Muffin Giver?

I try to wake up early to see if I can catch him/her in the act so far I've been unsuccessful.  But no matter what, I've got those goodies and a good read to dwell on!

[Now for the background story!]

My Mom lives in a Retirement community and she moved in after my Dad passed.  She loves it.  Most of her neighbors in the apartments are widows just like her and they keep each other good company. 

In this community, though, while lunches and dinners are prepared in the dining room, there's no breakfast.

Now, my mom is an early -- and I mean early riser (between4-5 AM).  She likes to watch the sun rise daily .  Before, when my Dad was around and all of us hadn't moved out, she'd also be up baking.  But she's quit baking now that there's no one to bake for. 

A few weeks back, though, I told her, "Why don't you bake your goodies and share it with your neighbors?" Make it a mystery so it will give them something to think about and it will be a treat to the ones that do not cook, especially the males and the sick.  That way, You ALL win!"

She loved the idea and now, she is back to baking!  Each day, something new and no one has yet caught on.  I even sent her some smile cards recently to add with her goodie treat!

When I visit her, I also help her bake and deliver some of these glorious muffins to some dwellers on the other end of the complex!  Everyone has been talking about.  "Who is the Mystery Muffin Giver?" and "When will she strike again?" and "Whom will she target now?"  They are all smiling, comparing their goodies, and talking about their favorites. 

More recently, I even got my Mom a Muffin cookbook.  She's so cute -- she hides it in the cabinet so she can try some new creative versions without anyone figuring out the Mystery Muffin Giver!

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Readers Comments

thaata wrote: You made your mom's life beautiful with a purpose and the neighbors are all happy. A win win situation for all of you. Thank god this world is beautiful because of people like you.
Patt wrote: I love this. Not only are you showing kindness to your neighbors but you have given your mom a purpose again. A lot of elderly people don't feel like they have a purpose anymore. Awesome idea!
cindyK wrote: Great story! So warm and touching! Thanks for sharing!
ecoenergygirl wrote: Do you know the muffin ma'am?

The muffin ma'am, the muffin ma'am?

Do you know the muffin ma'am
Sending smiles through the day?
Spoonerism wrote: Thanks so much for sharing! It's a great story on two counts. You have given your mum something to keep her busy and her muffin making talents are being savoured by all the other residents! I'm sure the random acts of muffin kindness are really revitalising your mum! Good for you!
Kruti wrote: I just loved this story. I am 26 years old indian girl. I have no idea about mystery muffins. I really appreciate your article. This article has inspired me a lot even i remember my golden days when my mummy woke up early and dressed me well for school.
Paula wrote: Gorgeous x
BASANTI wrote: Im so proud of your mom n you too , i make sure i do the same.
charlie wrote: What a wonderful idea for both the receivers and your mother. People need to be useful and you've given her that as a gift as well as an opportunity to do good and to work with you. Bless you.
Clare wrote: Awwww! I love this story! What a neat family you are! :)

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