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At The Baker's Shop

--by keepsmiling, posted Jun 27, 2007

Yesterday evening, as I was entering the bakery, I saw a father and his 7-8 year old son.  The kid was pointing to a particular cake and pleading his father to buy it for him.

From their clothes, it was clear that they were poor.  The father did have some money -- a 500 Rupee note -- but no change.  The shopkeeper was insisting  that he needed change, and the father was trying to console his son by saying that shop keeper is not accepting the money.

I could see the sadness on the eyes of that kid.

On seeing me, the father turned to me, "Do you have change for 500 rupees?"  I replied,  "No."  But I did him some money so that he could buy his son what the cake he so wanted.

I was too shy to stay there, since I knew that they will come to thank me.  So I went out of the shop immediately and stood outside watching them both buy what  exactly they wanted.

It really made me very happy.  For I always believe that:

If I can help somebody as I pass along,
If I can cheer somebody with a word or song,
If I can show somebody he's travelling wrong,
Then my living shall not be in vain.

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Readers Comments

Lezah wrote: You are truly special! The small, loving things in life count!
God Bless you richly!
upwiththesun wrote: I am copying that poem to put by my calendar! What a great story and a kind thing for you to do@
wings wrote: i thank God that there are still people like you. God bless you even more. thanks.
lovebug wrote: It would appear today, we all have become a little jaded with lifem but every time I log into this web site I find, beautiful souls just waiting to share. May God honor all that you pray for.
Snehasish wrote: Really Nice Story.
From this we all come to know that even small kind deeds are invaluable when it come to help somebody.The happiness you got by watching that son would be far more than getting a lot of money overnight.
vicky wrote: you did a great job brother, if only people woulr realize that small and simple deeds of kindness are more important than tons of promises and plans for the goodness of mankind. good work keep going.Peace be with you!
Samsonmybf wrote: Nice story, and I like the poem at the end too...
You made 2 people very happy yesterday!
sasha wrote: keepsmiling :)
That was a very beautiful story and a wonderful quote. Because of your kindness I know that that child will keep smiling and your living will not be in vain.
brighteyes wrote: Keepsmiling...thanks for sharing...added a smile for the story (and it brought me a smile too) and a smile for the poem (I just love them) and now have a new one to add to my growing collection.! Namaste
Smiles from Brighteyes ;)
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: That's great that you did that! It is always a great feeling to see the effect your kindness has on others. Way to go!

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