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Helping Hand With A Resume

--by pennz, posted Jun 24, 2007

I have just started up a small business helping people find jobs and particulary to do their cv and covering letters for job interviews (after 16 years I still love the work).  We charge a minimal amount of NZ$25.00.

I have had two clients this week come in who are desperately looking for work and needed a CV (resume).  They did not have the money to pay for it, so I said for them to let me look at what I can do and asked them to come back the next day. 

I finished one that night and rang the lady to tell her I had finished her CV, that I also have an employer who I'm sending a copy to and told her that she can pay me when she gets a job. 

She had not expected much other than advice, but hearing the joy in her voice was what it's all about.  While there was a phone line, I could feel her gratitude and no doubt, the smile on her face that no words can ever express. 

I woke this morning thinking about the smile on her face and knowing that someone cared enough to make a difference in her life ... I am thankful for being chosen to be that difference. ;-)

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Suzie wrote: You are a absolute angel! Helping someone have a chance to get their feet on the ground is a gigantic contribution. Perhaps this person will someday pass on the profound kindness. Wouldn't THAT be the ultimate reward for all involved! You MUST be a genuine, unselfish person. Wow!
brighteyes wrote: Pennz....that is wonderful you made an exception and a difference in that woman's life.....and YES, ONE CAN "HEAR" A SMILE ON THE PHONE based on tone, inflection, etc....I once attending this class as I work in a customer service capacity and they said
to put a mirror by your phone for 1-2wks
and when the phone rang, to look at yourself and smile then pick up and greet the would be much friendlier and to keep smiling...even if complaints were called in sounds crazy but it really worked!
Commending you and your boss on your compassionate...thanks for sharing your story.
Smiles & Blessings from Brighteyes ;)
lovebug wrote: Smile, you'r on candit camera, do you remember that one. I do. So I smile even when I'm alone, it keeps me happy with myself. Because I'm happy with myself, I can feel the smile on the other end of a phone. Smiles have a energy, it is like electricty, felt if not seen. Small kindness with great love. Mother Teresa, my hero, if not my saint.
AURELIA wrote: Good for you Pennz...I wish you were here to help my husband find a good job!!!It's very hard to find someone who really wants to help. I hope they always remember the chance you gave them by not being greedy and instead were giving of your talents and very compassionate. ~Aurelia
pennz wrote: I have just received a visit from my client, and she starts work on Monday!
We must never doubt our own abilities and to be strong in our minds that we can achieve ... and so it will be. Bless us all.
shez wrote: The more you give out to the universe the more you recieve back. Bless you Pennz, expect so much more in return
warmth wrote: U do nething without expectation in return gives u abundance of happiness

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