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One Scary Man

--by JLocoHead, posted Jun 24, 2007

I know that the title is little curious. But the scary homeless man is even more curious.

I have lived in Mayport Florida for about three years. Every day, leaving work, coming home and running errands, I pass this homeless man with two shopping baskets full of his treasures.  Except for about 2-3 months of the year (and I'm not sure where he goes during that time), he is always around, never to be missed.

Anyhow, the reason I call him a scary man is because my son and I are often together when we see this man and he's always talkin to him self and staring at people with an awkward look. He talks loud and much of what he says does not make sense. With his two carts filled to the top, he's there just talking away.  It's intimidating.

My wife and I are always talking about his misfortune and how we would like to help but we were kind of scared to because we did not know how he would react.  Would he yell more, throw things, come after us?

Well, after getting my smile cards and having so much fun doing kind things, my 10 year old son and I gathered enough nerve one day and stopped our car where this scary man was.

I told my son to stay in the car, as I was going to take this homeless man a soda and a smile card, and tell him to have a wonderful day.

He had his back turned to me as I was walking towards him; as usual, he was talking to himself very loud and I was getting nervous as I was getting closer to him. I was about 5 feet from him he still had his back turned and I said, "Excuse me, Sir. May I talk to you for a minute?"

Now this man had not seen me pull up nor did he know that I had a soda in my hand.   As he turned around, I did not even have to wait to see that he had a grin on his face that went from ear to ear. I was amazed and wondering why this man would be so happy to see me. I had not even given him the soda, the card, or even told him to have wonderful day yet.

But he was so happy. I have never seen this man smile in 3 years.

Well I gave him the soda, the smile card and told him to have a wonderful day. He just kept smiling and said thank you. He smiled the whole time until I left. He even waived good-bye ... something that I have never seen him do before.

I think it made me feel better than it made him feel. God bless that man.

He was not a scary. man  He was an amazing man.

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Readers Comments

loveisall wrote: Thank you for this beautiful act of kindness,which made you forget your own safety,to approach a "scary person" only to find out all he wanted was to be treated with compassion.You are a true Christian.
Roxy wrote: You really opened your heart to him and i think that broke the walls in his heart. It's such a good thing that you finally made a person smile. That's another achiement of the smile card i guess
Da Rock wrote: You hadn't seen him smile in three years cause you hadn't said hello to him in three years.

Well Done!!
JuneBug wrote: SUCH A BRAVE THING TO DO! Might have been Jesus! We never know....
3littleangels wrote: I think our society today has become so
hardened and it will continue b/c our children watch and learn from us! Thank you for not only confronting your fear, but also for letting your son witness your "uncomfortable" act of kindness! I think we miss out on touching those who need it the most, because we are afraid of anyone/thing that is different. We rarely step out of our comfort zones. We should remember the greatest example of unselfish acts ever--Jesus!! Who were the people he helped and even chose to be around? The "safe" or the "scary men"?
You are a great dad!
Suzie wrote: What a contribution you made when you "took a chance" on making a difference. We should all be so brave!
katndog wrote: Your story brought me back to fond memories of my home town; VENTURA. When I go home I hope to see the old familiar homeless people and old people who walk down town on Main St. Some talk to themselves as this man does and others are quiet but always going somewhere, directly somewhere. God bless the homeless and the crazy people and those of us who learn to love them.
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: So many people pass by and do nothing. They are people too. Thanks for making a difference and stopping for just a moment. What a great example to your son!
brighteyes wrote: I am so proud of you for overcoming your fear of the scary man and to provide him with soda and card..I believe your acknowledging him, smiling and telling him to have wonderful day..made his day! and mine.
You're my Kindness Hero today!
Smiles & Blessings from Brighteyes ;)
lovebug wrote: Great job, it is hard to overcome the fear or people who appear scary

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