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Cold Hands

--by Okoth, posted Jun 28, 2007

My daughter is six years old. I wanted to wash her winter coat and I found in each pocket a pair of gloves.

I thought that one pair of gloves might not be enough to keep her hands warm and asked her why she had two pairs.

She answered: ‘I am doing this already for a while, daddy. You know, some children in school don’t have gloves and when I have an extra pair, I can lend it to them so they won’t get cold hands'.

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Sally wrote: Thats awesome +dd
cassiemeadows wrote: thats so sweet and beautiful. well done for teaching your child to be kind
cinnamonhead wrote: it's wonderful to see children acting so kind on their own.
katlampi wrote: Wow! What a wonderful child! You have raised her well! :)
Kioko wrote: we all need people like this little chick
pauline willoughby wrote: What an amaing little girl- so inspiring. Thank you
Doris wrote: That's a thoughtful little girl, we should thank of different things we can share in pairs, or more than pairs, just in case someone needs help, and sharing is the way to go, we don't need more than we can use. Thank you,
lynda wrote: she is probably a good off shoot from a great tree. To start this young, imagine how many, many more will be blessed. Good Job girl.
obester wrote: well behaved and conciderate daughter! Tell her to keep the standard
denise wrote: a very warming tale, perhaps there is hope in this world yet

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