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Switching Seats at the Movies

--by Meagaleg, posted Jun 24, 2007
I am 15. Last night my friend and I went to Shrek the 3rd. We got there an hour early because it was opening night and we were among probably the first 25 to go into the theater. We got an awesome seat on the second to back row and sat plum in the center.

As the theater began to fill up over the hour, we began to see that we were sort of in the way. This man asked us if all the seats on our left side were saved. We told him no, they were empty. It was obvious he was trying to see how to fit a very large group in that had not arrived yet.

Without much thinking we said, "Hey, would you like us to move down to the end of the row so your whole family can sit together?" He said "Oh are you sure, that would be awesome!"  So we moved down to the end of the row and he said, "That's nearly enough, thanks a lot!"  We said, "Nearly enough? Well we can move to the next row. There's only two of us!"  Then, he said "Thank you so much, now my entire family can sit together."

So we happily moved to the next row behind us.

There was a couple seats between me and the strangers next to me. But soon these other people came in and it  looked like we were in the way again because they asked if the seats next to me were taken.  We said "No, but would you like us to scoot down?"  They appreciated that and we felt fairly generous for making people's movie watching more enjoyable because they could be with their friends and not broken up.

This might not be an act of kindness, just a general act of courtesy, but it made me feel helpful!

[Shrek 3 was good by the way, you all ought to see it. Not as good as 1 and 2 but still pretty funny!]
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Suzie wrote: Good for you. Courtesy is an important and special life skill that is ALWAYS appropriate.
dan0707 wrote: what a great act of kindness, its great to see that you are only 15 and already seeing the effect a small gesture can have on you.. well done!!
bhappy wrote: What an awesome 15 year old you are. May you and your friend stay blessed.
Becki from So. Ca
brighteyes wrote: Yes, yes, yes!!! You are a warm hearted and compassionate and considerate teen and that was an act of kindness....many would not move and others would have ignored the gentleman.
Bless you and your friend!
Smiles & Blessings from Brighteyes ;)
AURELIA wrote: meagaleg, that was wonderful of you and your friend to be so considerate to a total stranger.You are a thoughtful teen...I'm glad to hear that! ~Aurelia

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