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Weekend Rule: Smile at Everyone

--by brighteyes, posted Jun 30, 2007

Well...I decided since I had many errands to run this weekend that I would  smile at everyone.

Isn't it interesting the reactions one gets when you smile at strangers? Some looked back startled with big doe eyes, others smile back immediately, some continue frowning, others ignore you and some greet you with a "Hi, How do?".

There is much construction around our neighborhold so I planned best route to avoid the detours and ended up waiting at a train crossing...a long one...almost 6 minutes.....thank God the car next to me had a small child in the back seat.....we exchanged smiles, waves and then a series of funny faces.....he had me laughing and I , he too...the wait passed quickly and I was energized by the antics of that sweet back seat boy!

Later at the stores,  a Mom & daughter passed by and I said "Hi" smiling and cracked a joke, the daughter stopped to chat and I had her cracking up....she asked me, "Do you always talk to strangers?" and I replied, "Sometimes, I am trying to be friendlier this days".

Her Mom had wandered off and came back for her...and she said to me, "Hey, I know you!" I said, "Oh? From where?" She said, "You live in my neighborhood, in the corner house on such and such street, you love animals, owe cats and referred your Vet to me...we met a few years ago at a Christmas party".

Small world, huh? Well, we got to chatting and we will be having tea soon....see what happens when we are open, friendly and smile!

I later saw an older, elderly woman trying to pull a cart from the many attached together at the front of the store. She was having a hard time and I went over smiling and asking if she needed help. She said yes that she couldn't pull a cart free so I pulled one out and toldher to have a great day!  She smiled back with a huge grin and thanked me too and said she would.

I also allowed some couple with small kids to go ahead of me in line while checking out as the young one was getting fussy ....the Mom was pleasantly surprised and gave me a big smile back.

As I was leaving the store, the wind had arisen and was pretty strong.....a woman's hat had blown off her head so I ran to catch it and brought it her a big grin and went on my way....she called out thank you and you have a great day too....and you know I was having a great day....part of it was due to my goal of smiling and being kind to everyone I met that day.

Try it'll be surprised by the results and you will brighten many people's day.

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lovebug wrote: It is a small, small world, I remember taking my boys and a neighbour and her kids, I have forgotten how many she had. But I remember going to Disney world in a old beat up car, and it was raining, but the windshield wipers did't work, We had to stop several times and wait for the rain to let up, just so I could see to drive. I also remember, there was something wrong with the gears, there was a slight incine were I parked< I think park or neutral was out and my car would roll backwords, I was afraid my car would roll back and hit another car, so I found a flat space and my car did not roll. we had to walk the extra distance, but at that time I did not have the money to repair another persons car, I could not afford to fix my own car, so we walked. I do remember (it' a snall , small, world). I was impressed. 35yrs later I am still impressed, but I now understand my boys were to young to be impressed, and I have lost contact with the neighbor, so I do not know if she has the same memory I have, but I do know it is a small, small world and we are all connected in someway. For me it has taken a long time to recognize what I pray for, But I have been blessed to recgonize one. I find myself praying for the solier in the fox hole, and pray he remembers the smile on the old gray haired lady, who not only smiled, but hugged him and asked God's blessomg on him.That's how I want to be rememberd, smiling. A small thing, but then it is a small, small world
adityap1984 wrote: I agree with you.. I too hav tried makes ur day better...
tenderheart wrote: lovely. always extraordinary. I lov this story because I feel the same way. People always tell me that I smile alots but seeing your story reminded me that is great to smile life is too beautiful not to. I am glad people responded so great and please do not stop smiling. many smiles for you. THX
AURELIA wrote: Brighteyes, You were on a mission...and accomplished much!It's interesting how we seemed caught up in our own little world, but if someone extends a warm hello, or bright smile, we respond back with a similar response. Your warmth and kindness blossomed this weekend. Keep it up! ~Aurelia

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