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How I Found Happiness That Day

--by allen, posted Jun 28, 2007
The typical rickshaw puller (Pedi cab driver) works like a beast of burden and barely earn forty rupees a day (a dollar).

One cold winter morning (around 5 a.m.), I got out on the road. I had to walk to my school, which is just 10 minutes away. But then a voice inside told me to make some one happy today.

I got on to a rickshaw. The puller was an old and gaunt fellow. I asked him to drive over to the school. We arrived in a few minutes. The fare for that distance was only five rupees or even less if I bargained.

Instead, I got down and placed a fifty rupee note in his hand. He said he had no change for such a’ big’ amount. I told him that I was giving the entire 50 rupee note … He was shocked and surprised!  He gazed at me with gratitude-filled eyes.

I told him this morning God whispered in my ear: “Make this rickshaw-man happy!”

He looked at the red rising ball, the Sun, and praised the Sun while kissing the 50 rupee note.

I felt very happy that day.
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AURELIA wrote: How wonderful for you to be so kind and generous.I'm sure the driver put the money to good use. Giving brings happiness to both the giver and receiver! Thanks for sharing such a nice story with us. ~Aurelia
brighteyes wrote: Loved the story and your random act of kindness.....isn't it powerful when we listen to God within! Thanks for the uplift today and keep practicing RAOK!
Smiles from Brighteyes ;)
tenderheart wrote: This is great. I am thrilled to know you listen to God's voice; it;s great to know that God always give us the most satifying rewards. I am glad you made a RAOK to that man. great testimony for him and you. Keep doing God's work.

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