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Coloring Book And Crayons

--by bhappy, posted Jun 28, 2007
This past weekend I was going through my stuff.  While doing so, I stumbled upon 3 large boxes of  crayons, coloring books and markers.  I am a kid at heart, I must confess.  They were mine and I had not used them yet. 

I decided to take the coloring book and crayons to the laundry mat and waited for a child to give to. 

There was a little girl around 4 yrs, sitting while her mother put the clothes in the washer.  I went over to her mother and said, "I would like her little girl to have these, along with this smile card."  She gladly accepted.

I walked away and was doing my own thing, when the little girl came over and thanked me with a huge smile on her face! 

I still need to give the other stuff away and can't wait.  I love doing this!
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AlbanyKate wrote: Great Job! I saw your story about the back pack from back in April as well...what a good idea! Thank you for the 50 Karma points as well, it really brightened my day!
hilde wrote: i'm sure she shall be extremely busy with her new colouring and shall treasure it for the rest of her life
Sophie Age 10 i am still waiting for my own account so i'm using my mums account instead
Georgia wrote: I once again will say that I am only 12 and I am inspired by your story, like flowers wrote I will now be on the look out for things to carry in my bag for simular occasions although my bag will be a school bag not a hand bag lol have a good day.

Big Hug
Flowers wrote: What a wonderful idea. I will be on the look out for little things to carry in my bag for a similar occasion. I have a 2 year old and he can join in on the fun of sharing. Thanks for sharing.
sunny9874 wrote: Hello fellow colorer,
I loved your story. I love random acts of kindness.

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