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Who's Thirsty?

--by dancingDog, posted Jul 2, 2007

A group of us walk dogs every week at our local Humane Society.  It's a fun thing to do and the dogs always express their appreciation! 

But it can be grueling in the hot humid summer here.  It's not quite summer here yet but we have had some hot days ... and many of us wish we had some cool refreshing water to quench our thirst in the heat.

But this is something that I can change -  I decided that I will be the water point person and try to keep my team cool so that they can stay committed.  So I've brought a cooler with water bottles for the last two weeks and intend to do that the entire summer.  It's a small and easy thing to do.

Last week everyone had some water and I think it helped us all physically and mentally!   Just look around - it's these little things that count!  :=D 

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kayakool wrote: Fantastic idea!
moral12 wrote: Wonderful idea for the volunteers, and, don't forget the doggies!
ecoenergygirl wrote: A grand idea.

Please consider this: use reusable water bottles (many can be found for $3 at drugstores, or ask each volunteer to hand you her/his bottle.

Hope the doggies have a few bowls, too!
hilde wrote: its good to drink lots of water to keep hydrated.and you are right drinking more water makes you perform better mentally and physically hilde is my mum i am ten years old and she agrees
Jaybee777 wrote: Someone once said that the smallest good deed is better than the grandest good intention!
JaysonsMom wrote: Great idea! Your team will be so grateful. :)
JuneBug wrote: Even the smallest things can make a BIG difference! Wonderful thing you did!
cackland wrote: That's a great idea!! I might just start trying to do something like that!!!
snowflake66 wrote: That's fantastic! What a beautiful gesture and use of your time! A big, huge smile from me :)

Shannanigans wrote: Good for you!
I also volunteer at my local HS and it is the most rewarding thing I have ever done
My recognition is a wagging tail or big sloppy kiss
I know everyone appreciates your kind gesture

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