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Sharing With Tots

--by Aurelia, posted Jul 1, 2007
After visiting  my daughter at the daycare where she works I noticed the tots where playing with little toy horses and blocks. Some were having a hard time because they only had a few horses and others wanted to play too. 

Then I remembered how much my daughter loved to play with her toy horses when she was little and I mentioned to her that I think we still had a bag in the basement at home with her horses it in.  She said it was ok to look when I got home and I could donate them to the daycare if I found them. 

The next day when I emptied the bag of horses on the rug at daycare the little tots were so happy to have some new toys. Their faces were beaming and they immediately started playing.

Both my daughter and myself felt good to share the toys that brought hours of happiness in the past and would  now continue to do so once more.
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MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: That is fantastic Aurelia! I'll bet you never realized how long they would be bringing joy when you first got those toys for your daughter!
brighteyes wrote: Aurelia...I love not only that fact that you donated the horses but that we are teaching your daughter kindness, how to share and the joy it creates.
Made me smile! Brighteyes ;)
ieiblue wrote: so really nice of you finding time to look for these toys!!!! :p keep on going... ::: P

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