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Helping A Child In Need

--by heather619008, posted Jul 3, 2007
About a week ago, my 4 year old cousin and I were playing basketball at our local park. The weather was warm, and many other children were outside as well. As we played, I noticed a small group of boys picking on a smaller, skinnier--and possibly younger--boy. They were calling him names and even pushed him to the ground and kicked dirt in his face. When I saw that, I grabbed my cousin by the hand and walked over to the group.

I stepped between them and the smaller boy, and asked them politely what this boy had done to deserve what they were doing to him. One of the boys replied, "He's weird." At that, I asked them if they thought I was weird (I have black and pink hair and quite a few piercings, but I'm also an intimidating 5'11"), and their response was a semi-frightened "No." I then asked one of the boys if he thought his friend was weird, and again, the answer was "No." So, I asked one of the boys to define the word 'weird', and he simply said, "I don't know..'different'." That was my cue. I told them that everyone is different, and that they all looked just as different to the other boy as he did to them. They all stood silently for a moment, and then the most amazing thing happened: One of the boys who hadn't said anything since I walked over stepped around me and helped the small boy off the ground and then apologized. He offered to let him play with them, but the boy quietly said 'thank you' and refused, saying he had to get home.

I thanked the boy for being so mature, and he just mumbled "you're welcome" and ran off to join his friends in the basketball court. As I looked around, I realized that there were dozens of other people at the park--some of them were parents with children of their own--but no one else had stopped to help this boy. I felt happy that the one boy was strong enough to stand up against his friends to help someone in need, but I felt sad that no one else had even taken a second glance. I couldn't help but think that those other parents at the park would want someone to help their child in that situation, and yet they did nothing but stand by.

I hope that my gesture helped them realize that they could have made a difference with minimal effort, and maybe next time they will be the ones who choose to help.

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happyhomemom wrote: Kindness can be so easy. ThaNKS FOR SETTING A GREAT EXAMPLE.
Suzie wrote: This is a kind and selfless act. The effort you spent on it was minimal, but it made a "mountain" of difference to the individual who was under attack. You should be proud!
smittyswife wrote: That was great, it reminds me of what son done when he was five or six years old. He tried to help a child in another way. When we lived in Ga. I took him to a store whit his weekly allownce,well he spent most of on him self. He had a dollar or so left,when we got ready to leave the store. When he saw a jar on the checkout counter. He ask me what it was for, so told him that it was for sick children who needed extra help.So he asked me if he could put his money that he had left into the jar I told him yes. The cashier told him to spend the money on himself. Well I got mad & told her that it was his money & that he could do what he wantet to with it. Well he said that he wanted to held other kids & put the money in the jar & he still does that to this day with change when there is jars or whatever to put the extra in to help others in need. He is now nineteen.
aliennore wrote: I think its you whom had showned the boy a lesson.You acted maturely in front of the boys and give them a little lesson to learn.May god bless you in whatever you do
JaysonsMom wrote: My goodness.... It breaks my heart when I see no one taking the time or initiative to help someone out. We have to step up to the plate and you did just that. God bless your kind heart. I'm sure that boy will forever remember what you did to help him out when no one else seemed to care. You also taught your little cousin a very valuable lesson!
fatma wrote: You are a nice person :)

You tought them a great lesson, I am sure that they won't do it again!
James Larso wrote: suck up. you didnt do it out of love
Flowers wrote: Good on you. The impact of this gesture may be bigger than you can imagine.
EePee wrote: THANKS SO MUCH for sharing this!! Knowing how to deal with problems is one of the hardest things to learn in life! You did a great thing & I'm sure it will make an everlasting impression.
Bernard wrote: WHat you sow, you reap.I hope one day the selfless act of helping is to you instead.Keep on.

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