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36 Acts of Kindness

--by ohadinte, posted Oct 18, 2014
A few days ago I celebrated my 36th birthday. I decided to do 36 anonymous acts of kindness that day. So I bought 36 flowers and put it on car's windows- with a note that says: "Someone you do not know chose to make you happy.

Please give this flower to someone you love. Happy weekend and safe drive". Actually I wanted to print smile cards, but because we are on holidays -the shops were closed.

So I handwritten 36 cards. I did it with my little daughter and it really made my birthday- a celebration ! - 

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mel37865 wrote: That was sweet!
edge3115 wrote: My last comment was posted before i posted it? Try again.

However, i think this birthday celebration is worth imitating---a good idea. And at this point. I will be buying a very large number of flowers, too. I may have to seek a special market or gardener
outirinne wrote: What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday and spread the kindness!
Kay wrote: I absolutely love this
tk wrote: That is lovely.
melaniep wrote: I think this is a wonderful idea! I can imagine how thrilled i'd be if i found something like this on mky windscreen, especially if i'd just had a rough day at work. I hope you don't mind if i take your idea and do something similar myself - though perhaps not one flower for each year of my life. I woujldn't want to denude the earth of flowers!
Judy wrote: I feel it is wonderful that you took time to write the cards. Each card you wrote affirmed your commitment to kindness and gifted yourself with good thoughts. How cool is that! Smile
redwoodgypsy wrote: What a beautiful way to celebrate life. Your life! Congrats, i may steal
ph8enix wrote: Nice work. You are so inspiring.
lyndaallen96 wrote: Love this! I can hardly wait to do it! I want to play with the idea a bit. Always fun to add one's own creativity. Excited! Thank you for the great idea! ;))

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