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Gift Bags Are Awesome. ^_^

--by AiyaZaynab, posted Jul 6, 2007

My friend usually runs out of money for food at the end of the month, she doesn't make that much money, and her sister is staying with her the next two weeks. So as I was filling up a bag of boxed foods I know she likes, I thought, hmm... I should add some surprises! So I added a couple books, envelopes with stamps and paper because they like to write letters, bracelets, necklaces, and some other random things. They loved them, yay! It actually made me a heck of a lot more excited just giving the bag to them than if I had gotten a bag myself.

Sometimes I feel bad writing these stories, because I don't believe it's right to talk about your good deeds. But I know it's a good way to give ideas to people (and I know myself how hard it is to think of nice things to do sometimes), and it's nice to be able to read a story and say, "Hey, there's something I can do!" lol. Yeah. So continue writing your stories, even if you feel bad, because it gives the rest of us kindness ideas!! =D

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hilde wrote: your right the more kind people in this world the better so carry on helping people in time of need
shez wrote: That is an awesome idea AiyaZaynab. We all know people less fortunate than ourselves. I will endeavour to do that for someone this week. I let you all know how I get on. Shez :)
AURELIA wrote: Aiya, Thanks for the wonderful idea.What a perfect way to help a friend out. I love how you put it all in a gift bag which let your friend know it was a gift and not a charity act in a brown bag!!! Good for you for finding a way to help a friend in need. ~Aurelia
EePee wrote: THIS IS SO WONDERFUL!!! I wish you everything that is positive to keep it up.
Samsonmybf wrote: Don't feel bad because after all, you are giving all of us great ideas! thanks for sharing !!
bhappy wrote: I do the same thing. Keep sharing your great ideas. Stay blessed. Becki
tenderheart wrote: great gift bags are awesome. I do the same thing. Share your ideas. It's great to kind to others. Keep in mind that depending your intentions of why you are sharing your good deeds is where it makes the difference. Why are you telling them. to brag, to appreciate, to share, to inspire, to emulate etc. Think of the reason then you decide whether is goo to share it or not. But please keep sharing your ideas. :) kudos for u.
brighteyes wrote: I too, love the idea and providing all the goodies in a gift bag..brillant!
I may use your idea too...thanks for sharing....keep up your RAOK and sharing your stories...they help us all too, not just with ideas but are uplifting to read too.
Smiles from Brighteyes ;)
maverick wrote: Thank you AiyaZaynab for sharing seed of thought. I love it.-Maverick
karma wrote: wow ...It's fabulous cant beleive i found a site with likeminded people , as some people think im nuts, helping others...keep it up

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