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Kind People Are The Strongest People There Are.

--by ihaveneatstuff, posted Jul 7, 2007

Most of the world view kindness as a weakness.  I am here to say that this is not so! 

Kind people are the strongest people I have ever had the honor of meeting.  Kind people are taken advantage of on a daily basis.  I take pride in the fact that I am considered kind.

To reach the age of 42 (or any other age) and still remain kind is indeed a testamony of kindness!  A weaker person would become bitter and hard-hearted and lose the ability to be kind.  I want to leave this world a better place than I found it. 

My Grandma used to tell me, "Live your life like you want to be remembered on your tombstone."  I know what I want remembered on mine.  Do you know what you want written on yours?


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smilelots144 wrote: When I was growing up, while I was a teenager, I was told time and time again that I was too nice!?! Is there such a thing, as being that? But I do guess, that you do get "walked all over"? I just used to let it roll off my back, if you will. Now that I will be entering my 30's, I tell people what's exactly on my mind. :)
Godsman wrote: Dearest,

That you came from a small village and indeed show a high sense of kindness remains wonderful indeed.Never relent your effort .godsman
AURELIA wrote: Said beautifully. I have to admit I never thought of "Kind"...I think you got it though...Yes, Kind is a perfect way to sum it up. Smile, It's contagious! ~Aurelia
EePee wrote: I am in complete agreement with you Ihaveneatstuff!
So long as we love we serve;
so long as we are loved by others, I would almost say that we are indispensable;
and no man is useless while he has a friend.
Robert Louis Stevenson
bibirose wrote: What a beautiful heart & what you say is ever so true... When we give a smile, do a kindly deed, whatever we receive so much more than what the receivee gets. We don't give to get but we get such joy, such contentment, such peace that not do an act of kindness is like starvation.
The kind are strong in heart!
kemaland wrote: This makes you have the spirit of kindness
and God will keep moving you closer for his blessings. keep up the good work.
brighteyes wrote: Love it!!
I know I want to leave this world a better place and to impact and share my light with as many people as possible....
I would have liked to talk to your Grandma...I agree with her philosophy and she provided good food for thought, "How would you like to be remembered and what would you want on your tombstone?"
I got an email from a friend once, you asked me to describe her in one word ... I liked the idea and sent it to my family and friends, but modified it and asked them to explain why they picked the word they did....very interesting hwo othres view you....I kept all the emails and read them from time to me inspiration and also when I get down, I realize I am my worst critic and let myself wallow for a few minutes then time to "pick myself up, dust myself off and start all over again!" as the song goes....that's the great thing about life...EVERY DAY CAN BE A NEW START FOR EACH OF US!
Blessings & Smiles from Brighteyes ;)

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