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Baby Shower For A Co-Worker

--by Aurelia, posted Jul 7, 2007

I work in a place of mostly women. We love to celebrate ... birthdays, weight loss successes, bridal showers and of  course baby showers. We have little parties or cakes.

Not too long ago, one of our "friends" from work , Joy -- a young, 22 year old -- became pregnant. We've know her for over 4 years, since she started work here right after High School.  But she wasn't married and my women co-workers weren't supportive of her pregnancy.

As the months rolled on, Joy was clearly happy to be having this baby. I asked if anyone was going to give her a baby shower and for the most part they thought it would NOT be in good taste to do so since she wasn't married.

Because I knew the financial burden would fall on me,  I discussed it with my husband.  And we decided that I would give her a baby shower and whoever wanted to come would make it.  After all, this was about Joy.  She really NEEDED help and support.

Well, it was a beautiful baby shower and it was definitely appreciated. I loved planning it and decorating for it! And you know what? Almost everyone came and I could tell they were happy to be there supporting her.

When it feels right in your heart, just take the lead.


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kylierose16 wrote: Aurelia- this statement you wrote here "When it feels right in your heart, just take the lead. ~Aurelia" is what I live by. Sometimes through out the day, I'll just get this idea, out of the blue, it's almost as the universe, or God, has whispered it into my ear. And whats always important is to ACT on it. Never doubt it or question it. Just like you did. I'm new to this site and it is just so uplifting, your amazing xox :-)

ivan wrote: sweetest Aurelia you are definitely one of my angel buddies now and I truly appreciate your heartfelt comments on my acts!! Let me tell you that I am almost in tears as I am writing this to you and it has deeply touched me just what a wonderful person you must be as well....
please keep up with your good work
your bud Ivan
aogrn wrote: Aurelia..can I help her? I love kids and would love to help her. Mother to mother!!! Let me know! There was a time folks weren't so judgemental! Thank you for being there for her Woman to woman!!!
sasha wrote: Aurelia that was one of the sweetest thing. To be that position and so young I know that Joy needed all the support she could get and when evreyone turned thier back on her and you swtood by her side I know she will be ever thankful. Keep doing your good work as reward is in the making for you frrom God.
brighteyes wrote: Aurelia....I am proud to know you....a wonderful, kind, thoughtful and compassionate woman! I am sure Joy loved it and it was much needed and agree wholehearted about your comment,
"When it feels right in your heart, just take the lead." I believe it is God talking to us and you not only heard, you took action! YEAH!!!!
Smiles from Brighteyes ;)
jan2008 wrote: So sweet and kind of you to take the lead. The others soon followed and knew that the baby shower was the right thing to do.
pacots wrote: That was a wonderful thing you did you stood up for her,then everyone realized not to judge.
tenderheart wrote: wow. sweet. I agree with brighteyes. You not only cared but you decided to be a catalyst for change. great , continue rocking and caring. :)Thanks for sharing
AiyaZaynab wrote: What an awesome thing for you to do for her! That poor girl must have a lot of stress in her life right now and it is so awesome of you to take off some of that stress and cheer her up so much with a baby shower! yay. Kudos!
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: Good for you Aurelia for doing what you thought was right in spite of the negative opinions of others. It is great when people stay strong with what they believe and make a difference like you often do. Way to go!

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