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Helping My Lil Brother Swim

--by kennedyjet, posted Jul 8, 2007
Yesterday, I helped my awesome baby brother to swim in the pool.

I showed him how to kick his feet and blow bubbles and float too.  He was a little scared at first but then he trusted me.  And he did really really good.  The sun was so hot and he got pooped really fast and he took like a 2 hour nap afterwards.  He was soooooooooo tired but I felt good because I taught him a little bit.

I will keep teaching him until he knows how to swim and not drown.  And then, one day, when he gets bigger, perhaps he can help another kid too!
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AURELIA wrote: Kennedy...That's so great. Your little brother will have lots of fun with you in the pool. You are a great big sister. Keep up the good work. ~Aurelia
tenderheart wrote: sweet. I am glad you are giving a good example to your lil' brother. :) great sis.
bluqtgyrl wrote: aww, that is so sweet of you!
klondikekid wrote: How awesome. I wish I would have had a big brother like you. Keep on showing him a good example.

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