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A Surprise "No Charge"

--by imaniceperson, posted Jul 10, 2007
My neighbor's have been trying to sell their house for 8 months.  The husband took a job out of state so there is no one to do the "man" chores.  They are having to pay 1 mortgage in one town and rent in another.  The realtor told them they needed to stain their deck but the estimate was $600.  I volunteered to do the job for $200 as I expected it would be a quick job. 

It ended up taking 8 hrs. because I took my time to make sure it was done right.  The wife made me lunch & set up the stereo outside to make the day a little more enjoyable.  Her daughter made me cool drinks during the day. 

Although the job wore me out, at the end, I told her "no charge".

A couple of days later they showed up at my house with a silly grin on their face.  The wife then presented me with a coupon for a 1 hour massage.  I don't usually splurge on massages, although I certainly would if I could.

It just made my day!

She also wrote a nice story about me and my family, which actually brought tears to my wife's eyes.

It was a great lesson for my kids to see friends helping friends without strings attached.
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Angel4eva wrote: i wish you were my neighbour but i live in england so there is no chance of that happening
aogrn wrote: you are a true neighbor
brighteyes wrote: How wonderfully generous of you ....instant karma, huh? What comes around goes around...thanks for sharing. Brighteyes ;)
AURELIA wrote: You are truly a kind man. I can't get my husband to stain my deck let alone have him go next door and do the neighbor's deck!!!! WOW...Kudos to you. I hope the house sells quickly now. ~AURELIA

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