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--by ivan, posted Jul 16, 2007

The more I keep on reading some of such inspirational stories on this website, it has just come to mind that not long ago I spoke to a young person from Ghana on line whose father sadly had kicked him out in the street after finding out about his sexual preferences and told me that he had nowhere at all to go but to sleep out there in the cold. 

Of course, I decided I had to share my own thoughts on the matter but to cut a long story short ,I tried my best to comfort him and make him feel he was indeed worth it as a person, as a whole and that his father should be proud of him no matter who his son was.  Therefore, however difficult it might be for him, I suggested he should approach his dad and convince him to take him back and amazingly he did!!  Having said that, he touched my heart by saying to me that even though he believed he had lost his faith I was the only one who cared enough to give it back to him!!

It just goes to show that even words of encouragement mean a lot.

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Nickgrand wrote: Thank you for shearing!! God bless!
EePee wrote: Thanks Ivan for sharing such a wonderful experience.
Learning to accept everyone exactly as they are, is one of the hardest lessons & is the cause of so many problems world wide.
If we all came from a place of unconditional love, this planet would be heaven!!
hilde wrote: its good to rise other peoples self esteem and give them advice when all seems lost
gul wrote: I really appreciated this story and definitely say that encouragement take a person heart to love.
sheila wrote: hi
well its a very sad story am for one coming from an african country that is Kenya in general its like a taboo to be of the same sex prefference and also in the bible its forbiden but he could always Pray Feverently and Honestly and read Gods Word find a church within his community where he will surely find solace with himself and God.
brighteyes wrote: Ivan:
"Active Listening which involves listening with the heart, eyes, ears, etc is a gift.
You showed that man compassion and understanding and accepted him as he is...and that's how it should be.
My heart turned when I read that his Dad took him back in...I agree with was probably a shock and he was still loved for who he is though his Dad my not like his sexual perferences.
Words, Love, Kindness and Prayer are all very powerful gifts and each of us that share them truly make a difference!
AURELIA wrote: Ivan, You were there for someone who desperately needed compassion and support. I'm glad you urged him to talk it out with his dad. I'm sure the dad was just shocked at first and said things he didn't mean. God Bless you for not be judgemental in a time of need. ~Aurelia
helper wrote: bless u. keep it up. i'm sure ur frnd will alwys b thankful 2 u. few words of encouragement can mean a lot.

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