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You Never Know

--by PamelaJo, posted Jul 18, 2007

I have a dear friend Joni, who is one of those people who lights up a room when she enters.  She is an extremely warm and welcoming individual, who makes you feel good about yourself.  Over the past few years Joni has dealt with much, including family illness and death, and throughout it all she has maintained a presence of joy that has been remarkable.

Recently she was contemplating whether or not to continue a weekly visit/group she conducted at a nursing home.  Each week she would bring an activity  to share with the residents.  This was the nursing home where her mother had been  and Joni had grown quite fond of the other residents there.  But Joni's schedule is so full, she felt the need to make some changes, and thought she might discontinue her work at the nursing home for a while.

As she was wrestling with her decision she kept going to her group.  One day she arrived in time as the residents were going to the activity area where the group was held, so Joni being Joni, started helping the residents get to the group, as many have Alzheimer's and other conditions that lend themselves to the need for a gentle hand.  Joni was helping one such resident who was doing a bit of moaning and groaning about having to get to the group.  Joni kindly walked with the lady and said to her that if she really did not want to go to the group, then she did not have to and Joni offered to help her back to her room.  The lady quickly and with excitment responded that she just had to get to the group, as everyone had told her 'Joni' was coming today and she would not want to miss that group! 

Just as this lady might have needed Joni's help, she also gave Joni the help she needed to keep on with her group.  You never know........   and then every once in a do.....

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Readers Comments

Katumba Andrew wrote: I greatly believe, "there is no experience better for the heart than moving down to lift someone. " joni must be living happly and thats what i also do.
Nickgrand wrote: Thanks you for shearing and God bless!!
koolmom64 wrote: If only we could get everyone onboard!
JoK wrote: Wow. My mom just passed away June 18th and I was in a similar situation. I taught Sunday School at her nursing home. I missed 2 weeks and wandered back in feeling very unsure. The other wonderful residents I have grown so fond of were there waiting for me. I found this story at the right time in my life. Thanks so much
JuneBug wrote: THAT'S A WONDERFUL STORY...Everbody wants to feel needed....Thank you
denim1951 wrote: you never know who you will bless with your smiles to others. there are a lot of people who just need to know someone cares for them no matter what is going on in their life too.
happyhomemom wrote: What a great way for God to encourage Joni. When you feel inside the need to say something Say it. What a great encouragement to follow that small voice and encourage others.
shaz wrote: Where there is a will...there is a way!surprised?...well wat i meant is for sure joni's heart wanted to carry on with the group so God showed her the way!we all should try to be as generous as joni.:)
Theema wrote: this story is the reason i need you guys in my life. Just when I feel down and out about my own problems, you show me that there are people out there, who although are going through tough times in their lives, still manage to make a lasting impression in other's lives. thank you all for your inspirational stories. they feed me...they encourage me. Thank you PamelaJo
speedi wrote: Thank you Joni,, the gift of caring and sharing of one's time is most precious gift...Bless you! Many of us say IF I had the time I would do this or that,,,You have a generous loving heart and have found the time!!

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