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A Dress For My Sister

--by chilli202, posted Jul 29, 2007
I went with my sister to H and M, which is a clothing store. I took this beautiful shirt and chose a pink dress for my sister who has so little proper clothes in her closet. When it came time to pay, I thought why not buy both, but because I didn't have enough money for both, I had to choose. So I did.  I chose to buy a dress 4 my beautiful sister. She said she loves the dress and it made me really happy to make her happy.  And now she can show off a little too.
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hilde wrote: Chilli that si really so kind of you !!
I bet your sister was over the moon
I love stories like that !
Makes me smile ..
Godsman wrote: Dearest,

Your noble work of helping to prolong the lifes of the afflicted who are handicapped financially is worthy of emulation.

That you are opportuned to help and above all you honoured the call of the deprived means you are God`s appointed one.
monkeyinpajamas wrote: wow chilli i really loved that story.
AURELIA wrote: Chilli, You are a wonderful sister.It does feel good to do for others, giving to others can feel like a gift to ourselves.I wish everyone would try to make the choice you made so they could realize how good it does feel. Like they say to Mikey in this old cereal commercial "Try It, You'll Like it!" :) ~Aurelia
Roxie wrote: I love to do things like that for my sister too. She has had so many financial problems that she never spends time or money on herself. Everything she buys is for her 13 year old son. For her birthday I took her to a salon and paid for a haircut for her. She was tickled!
Alraisi wrote: Wonderful. You now kind people make sure that all are happy then they make themselves happy. You did great. And May GOD give you the money that you would be able to buy for yourslef. Keep It Up...!!!
tenderheart wrote: awww. sweet. That's great you what you did for your sister. Continue making your sister and others smile. :D thanks for sharing.
brighteyes wrote: Chilli: Thank you for your generosity to your sister You will probably reap more happiness from her happiness than if you had brought yourself that shirt.
Making another happy ensures our happiness too because it comes from the heart and feeds our soul.
Kudo's to you. Brighteyes ;)
P.S. I lost my only sister several years ago...I miss her every day...I am so glad to read about your loving relationship...don't take her for granted....

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