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Traffic In A Small Town

--by Roxie, posted Jul 30, 2007
One of the reason I like small towns is the lack of traffic.  Unfortunately, small towns become popular and even though there aren't jobs in them, people will live there and commute to larger areas.  Such is my fortune. 

Along with the small town comes lack of traffic signals.  I live off the southern most road in town and you would think that it would be easy to get onto the highway.  Wrong!  By the time the morning commute traffic gets to my road, it is completely and utterly bumper to bumper.  I can hear you laughing ... small town bumper to bumper traffic can't really be that bad!  Well, on more than one occasion I have sat through over 100 cars going past before I could pull out.  Forget trying to cross traffic to go North!  I can't even tell you how many accidents have occurred from that.  You would think that the town would put in a traffic light, but they say it is to expensive. 

At any rate, sitting there can be very frustrating at the least.  However, on those rare occasions, you will have a sweet soul who must have been caught in that situation before, slow down and flash their lights for you to pull out.  Such was my luck this week!  In fact twice this week!!  Whoohoo!! 

So of course, whenever I have the opportunity, I pay it forward!!! 

Slowing down a tad to let someone else get to work doesn't make you late and gives you a good feeling the rest of the day!
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hurricane wrote: Amen, Roxie! I, too live in a Southern rural town and just trying to get into traffic out of a driveway or parking lot is a massive undertaking. I always try to let someone in---with a big smile on my face! It may be the ONE THING that changes that person's day from bad to good. Keep it up.
Alraisi wrote: This is great. And you are really lucky about it. Twice a week may turn to be 5 times a week. May that happen to you. But remember you are also doing good. Remember this " The One Who Gives A Lot, Recieves A Lot...!!!"
brighteyes wrote: Roxie...I love your "road kindness" and theirs...we went to the ball game yesterday in downtown Denver and left at 4:30 pm so traffic was one would let my friend in to turn left so she had to turn right and circle around....road kindness is such a simple act but really makes a huge difference...Brighteyes ;)
AURELIA wrote: You are right Roxie. We can all benefit from a little kindness on our streets.I often let someone out because I figure with all of the traffic it won't matter if it's a "slow poke" I just let out in front of me! ha ha ha ~Aurelia

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