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An Unexpected Dollar

--by brighteyes, posted Aug 4, 2007

Our department took the day off and went to the ball game together as a team building activity. We had a ball (pun intended).

I made sure to pack sun tan lotion, extra gum, raw almonds, a second hat and some water so I could share with those that forgot.  And some did forget, so I felt good to lend or give away what I had brought.

Later during the game, a group of us made a bee-line for the concession stands as they wanted beer and some other mixed drinks.  I was drinking water so did not buy anything but I did notice that there was no tip jar for the two women manning the crowded drinks booth.

When I went up later with another co-worker who ordered a margarita (and the line was snaked around the stand and outside), I saw the 2 older women behind the booth.   I pulled out 2 dollars and handed one to the woman closest to me.  She looked confused.

I said "It 's a tip.  Even though I didn't order anything, I noticed how hard you are working with smile.  So this is just a little appreciation.  Have a great day!"  She pocketed the money and exclaimed, "Oh my!  Well ... thank you," grinning back.  I then went to the other worker and also gave her a dollar.  Similiar reaction.

My buddy was a little surprised with my simple act of kindness and said, "WOW, I didn't even think to give them a tip and I am the one ordering the drink!"  Hopefully, she will remember to tip next time. :)

I later bought an ice cream cone and inserted the change into their tips container ... just my way of making their day.  Again, I heard the "thank -you" and they made my day!

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AURELIA wrote: Very Nice...sharing and creating happy thoughts on a demanding day for them. God Bless You Brighteyes!~Aurelia
afriendlysmile wrote: Hi Brighteyes
It can change someones day when their work gets appreciated. Thanks for caring and sharing.
Love and smiles.

Afriendlysmile :)

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