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Message In A Wallet

--by Moonshadow, posted Jul 27, 2014
Many years ago, when I was in high school and working weekends to pay for the extras that my folks couldn't really afford (like a school ring, class trip, etc.), I lost my wallet. 

My old car required putting gas in the back (remember that?).  I had prepaid and then put my wallet on the bumper, and drove off.  I hadn't even had time to miss it when our phone rang and a man asked me if I had lost my wallet.  I checked my purse and to my horror, I had.  He asked me to tell him how much $$ was in it, and I told him.  He then told me where to pickup my wallet. 

As I pulled into his driveway, I noticed his handicapped van and the ramp going up to the house.  I was thinking that there is no way this man easily got out of his van and got my wallet off the street.  He had to pull over, get in his wheelchair, lower the lift, and then pick it up.  I was just  amazed.  I felt humble. 

I knocked on the door and he told me to come in.  I thanked him like 10 times for finding my wallet.  I was stuck, though.  While I didn't want to insult him by offering money, I really felt like offering something.  So I asked him if there was anything I could do to repay his kindness, and he said "Just pass it on".   I said I would be certain to do that.  I was raised to be honest in any account and I would have done so, without promising this fellow I would, but I wanted to repay his kindness, so I wholeheartedly promised I would.  

Well, one does not find many wallets and so it was about 10 yrs later that I found one.  I almost stepped on it!   It took me me several days to track down the young man to whom the wallet belonged.  He lived in another state, about 60 miles away from where I found the wallet.  I hated going through his wallet, but I finally located him through a pay stub he had in it.   When he called me back, we agreed to meet, so I could return his wallet. 

He was actually surprised his $ was still in the wallet and he tried to hand me a $20.00.  I told him "Thanks, but just pass it on" ...
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Readers Comments

Irish Washerwoman wrote: Think on this: loving and honorable people cannot make wrong decisions. We learn love with every breath.
LouiseA wrote: 'just pass it on' is so simple and connecting. We can all look for opportunities to pass on kindness; thank you for telling your story.
sandyremillard wrote: Lovely experience! Very humbling to meet so many people that spread kindness so freely. I'm privileged to be in your contact everyone! My love to all. Sandy
kimj wrote: Wow,this is a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing it. Alot if times we can make our lives so much easier if we thought of doing for others instead of always allowing our money to do it. The most important things in life are free, but so valuable.
beetoote wrote: Human spirit is bright, and getting brighter as we pass it on.
brindlegirl wrote: What an unbelievable and heartwarming story and one i'm so glad you shared ♡
susheela wrote: Here we are relating to tangible objects. When i was little i remember a posting on my autograph book that read " if you've had a kindness shown - pass it on,
It was not for you alone so pass it on,
When you've travelled down the years
Helped to wipe so many tears
When inn heaven your deed appears.

Till then pass it on pass it on. "
Did not quite understand its true implication, now i do.
sethi wrote: Thank you very much for your kindness. I know how it feels to do what you did.
Vivian wrote: I also had the fortune to have my wallet returned each time i lost it many years ago (hasn't happened in a long time! ), by some wonderful taxi drivers in hong kong. I was amazed that they took the time to return it instead of keeping it for themselves. And always making the effort to pay it forward because of that.
ganoba wrote: Every act, every gesture, every word thought and/or spoken produces a vibration. It produces an effect not only outwards but more importantly inwards. The inwards vibration shapes our character, so that we are more likely to do similar things in the future. Over time it becomes natural and leads to instantaneous response.

This is the real pay it forward.

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