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Courage And Peanut Butter

--by unknown, posted Dec 3, 2014
A friend just self-published her second book, a work of fiction, available through a number of internet sites. She is an introvert. The idea that someone would leave a negative online review was worrying her to the point that she was missing out on the joy and celebration of having just written and published a second book.

I sent her a message that said no matter what, there will always be naysayers, especially when people can remain anonymous. I told her to acknowledge herself for her courage in stepping out of her comfort zone and following a dream.

I suggested that she adopt the mindset that if the naysayers are not out there in the arena with her (and they never are) then she shouldn't care about their feedback. I told her that sometimes curling up under a blanket with the TV remote and a jar of peanut butter isn't so bad either.

She sent me a text with a big thank you and a picture of a jar of peanut butter and a spoon..
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Readers Comments

wavingatyou wrote: The only way to eat peanut butter :)
mindyjourney wrote: Great support for friend :))) and purrfect words. Thank you for sharing you peanutbutter wisdom with us. Blessings of a spoonful of jelly too :))
voyager950 wrote: What a wonderful story of encouragement for a dear friend. I was really inspired by it and will pay it forward by sending a few words of encouragement to a relative and a dear friend.
sandyremillard wrote: Great encouragement that she needed! Wishing her good luck with her books and she's darn lucky to have you as her friend. :}
Mish wrote: :)) loved reading this
vitalreiki wrote: Exactly, you gotta focus on the positive. That's an amazing achievement. Please pass on my best wishes to her.
unknown wrote: Mish and Vitalreiki, thank you for your comments. I will pass on your best wishes, which she will appreciate!
jomartin87112 wrote: she is very brave and I'm proud of her!
debbe530 wrote: Love it. I have a good friend who is an multi-published online author too. I still gets him but he knows the value of his contributions and take it in stride. I agree with Mish and vitalreiki. There is an author lurking me but the self censor overrules her most of the time. Good on her and you for your encouragement.
beetoote wrote: Nice.

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