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--by tsukid, posted Dec 5, 2014
I rearranged my schedule so some new tenants who were driving cross country (towing a trailer no less) in our monsoon could get into their new house earlier.

My pets may not think it was a kindness, but I flea-treated all of them.   I followed my own advice, ran a lovely bubble bath, lit candles, sunk down in the water to my nose and read a delicious book.

Now my next treat to myself  is coming on here and reading everyone else's wonderful acts today...this is becoming a nightly ritual. I will continue it beyond the 21 day challenge. Thank you, All!
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wavingatyou wrote: Great day :)
mindyjourney wrote: Kindness to many and especially to self <3. Thank you for desire to continue beyond challenge :)). It is a new and lovely way of living!
aubrey wrote: That is so touching. When i attempt at being a writer, i will remember this.
sandyremillard wrote: Sounds like you had a fulfilling day and great you pampered yourself physically and spiritually with ks! You're on the right track. :}
jomartin87112 wrote: A good kindness day all around! Yes!
debbe530 wrote: Sounds lovely.
unknown wrote: What a wonderful day.
vitalreiki wrote: Love the sound of a bubble bath in monsoon weather! A fabulous day.

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