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Off To The Gym

--by casper3klc, posted Dec 6, 2014
My neighbor across the street has been wanting to trim down a bit and was contemplating joining the gym I go to. I offered to take her there to try it out.

She  postponed three times, then finally she agreed to go. I drove us there and introduced her to the staff and showed her around the facilities. She loved the workout and hopes to join soon.

I'm glad I finally pushed her in trying the gym out. She was so thankful for my time!!
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wavingatyou wrote: Well done! Get to gettin :)
sandyremillard wrote: Excellent way of helping. Bless you!
mindyjourney wrote: Giving a gift of not only time, but of health as well. Good going! Thank you.
Mish wrote: Exercise is so good on so many levels .... glad you encouraged!!
vitalreiki wrote: So good to do exercise. I hope your friend gets the rewards from it.

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