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Practicing Inconvenient Generosity

--by jmh4, posted Dec 7, 2014
  Buddha thought one's generosity was not true generosity if it was convenient. (Jesus certainly practiced the same lesson). After meditating on this,  I reviewed my annual giving, and ruled it convenient.

 Around this time, I met a single mother who'd lost custody of her two kids and was homeless.  I decided to take her into my small house, and I did so for five months, helping her find an attorney and a counselor and some general support.

The five months she stayed with me were indeed a challenging, rewarding, very inconvenient, humbling, taxing and spiritually enlivening experience.

I can't pretend any more that "they" - the homeless, mentally challenged, downtrodden, addicted, or however "different" are fundamentally different from me as a human being. There are a lot of homeless folks in my town. There but for the grace of God go we all.

 Everyone, I learned anew, faces pretty much all the same demons and has pretty much all the same graces (virtues, strengths). We just have to work very hard to ignore the demons and bring our graces of heart, mind and body to the fore, which takes guts, patience, mindfulness and courage.

I don't know what I will do next that is generously inconvenient. Perhaps something this time that's a tad more convenient.  Take better care of myself, perhaps.  I still have a lot to learn , like what I deserve to do besides work hard. 

Thanks for giving me a place to share this.
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Givemore wrote: This is amazing courage!

I once brought in a girl to stay in my home when she was struggling for accommodation, though it would be very inconvenient.
She had stayed in the same house earlier but left.
She did not like me much, knowing this i went beyond to help her.

She however created problems and complaints and i had to go through harsh time.
I thought i was wrong to get her in, but reading your post, i realise it was a courageous thing i had done for good purpose. I should be proud of knowing but still getting her in and bearing the inconvenience rather than regret the hard time.

BlueSky wrote: Wow, i am overwhelmed by your faith in the words that guided you to open your heart and soul to such vunerability. It takes a special kind of spirit to reach deep down and touch someone elses life on such a personal level. Much love to you for your courage and strength.
BlueSky wrote: Life is giving
wavingatyou wrote: So very beautiful. Thank you and blessings :)
SOTProject wrote: This is inspiring and i think it is absolutely amazing what you did for her!
sandyremillard wrote: Bless you for helping her. As to what is your next step, a little silence and relaxation, listening to your inner all-loving voice should direct you just right!
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for your open heart and home, my friend. You have indeed made a kindness difference! Blessings.
cabbage wrote: Wow. You are an incredible human being, and i am so moved by your "inconvenient generosity"---
What an amazing story. Big hugs to you.
Mish wrote: Yes, please take care of yourself , by all means! So important to do, So you can be the best you & continue to be an awesome kindness giver. Blessed be.
servingsmiles wrote: Inspiring . More power to you. it is a courageous act !

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