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Kind Gesture

--by MayaS, posted Mar 10, 2015
My friend went on a field trip with her grandchild's class. Many of the students have little material wealth. Although she also struggles with making ends meet, she bought each of them a dinosaur coin.

Her idea was that they could always remember this trip, and  that each child would have something to take home. What a kind person.
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iman wrote: Nice tip.
wavingatyou wrote: Delightful :)
lightshade11 wrote: That was very kind of her, thank you for sharing her story with us!
SmileSharer wrote: How nice! Sounds like she made the childrens' day!
jomartin87112 wrote: What a lovely and loving thing to do!
brindlegirl wrote: What a beautiful and kind hearted person whose heart is so full of love. Thank you for sharing. I loved reading this.

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