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Not All Skateboarders Are Hooligans!

--by eyemknowsyko, posted Aug 5, 2007

Last week I went with my boyfriend to visit the first town that he lived in -- a very small town along the Oregon Coast, when he moved from Korea to United States as a child.

We went to the skate park that he had helped the city build as a teenager.

While we were there, there was a 10 years old boy who really took a liking to my boyfriend. For some reason, they just got along.  Maybe because he was older and skating, it gave the kid someone to look up to.

After they rolled around on the crappy cement for an hour or so, we were getting ready to leave. My boyfriend noticed that this boy's skateboard was in very bad shape.  So as we said our goodbye he handed the kid his skateboard, which was pretty much brand new and expensive. 

With that childlike awe, the 10-year-old just stood there and asked "Can I try it?"

And then my boyfriend replied, "Here, keep it.  It's yours."

He just stood there, stunned, his mouth wide open. "Really ... REALLY?!?  Thanks dude!!"

The smile on that kids face was awesome. When he went home with that board, I bet his parents probably thought he stole it.

But I know he will remember that for the rest of his life, and maybe when he gets older he will pass it along and do the same thing for someone else.

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redbutterfly wrote: What a wonderful thing your boyfriend did. I agree that not all skateboarders are bad they just need places to skate! My son loves to skateboard and he had told me about the hassels he has received from people who think skateboarders are hoodlums. That is so far from the truth! Communities need to think of the youth/teenagers and give them a place to be youthful. Your boyfriend did indeed make that boy's day and i'm sure he will pay it forward.
smoothsugardoll wrote: what a wonderful thing your boyfriend did. You better hold onto him, he's a winner
DaddysDarlin wrote: I have raised four skateboarders and I am proud of each of them, it is true, Raise up a child in the way that he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Thanks to all those skateboarders who care enough about each other, fancy skateboard or wal-mart skateboard, no discrimination here, you are all boarders. Peace and Love
mack wrote: HEY!!!!! JUST WANTED TO SAY thanks for the great thing that your boy friend done. life can be short, i lost my 17 year,
Pugins wrote: I sent this to my son who is now way grown - but was a dedicated skate boarder !
The story says a lot about generalizations we all make about groups/types of people and about the difference a RAOK can make.
Marvelous_Moth wrote: I never cease to be touched by the stories of spiritual generosity. As a mother of 5, ranging in ages 5-17yrs,my children think I'm soppy about everything. I can't help but get a little teary when I read these stories. I show my children, hoping to empower them to share their own spririt with others. Thankyou. :)
Sarah wrote: Very nice
omtaratutare wrote: I love this. I read this to my son.
peace to you
bluqtgyrl wrote: It was wonderful of your boyfriend to give his new skateboard to the kid. I know how expensive skateboards can be... But it's not about the price, but rather the kindness that drove the action of giving.
Angel4eva wrote: Thats so sweet!I've tried and tried again to skateboard but I always end up falling over and I have to say I'm glad to be back after 1 week in Belgium visiting my grandma

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