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Africans and Australian Aboriginees

--by FREEhugsROCK, posted Feb 20, 2019
My father works as a trainer and writes courses to benefit the native people of Australia as well as to help both Aboriginal people and White people work together without any strife.

Last night, my dad came up with a new idea to solve some of the problems occurring in our town. There are a lot of African refugees coming in and the local Aboriginal kids have been getting into some serious fights with the African kids. My Dad organised a group of African people to visit an Aboriginal community, so as to reconcile some differences. Now get this...

When my dad showed up at the community with the African people, he was shocked by how well everything went. In fact, a few old Aboriginal women approached some of the African women and took their hands. They were talking as though they had known each other for a lifetime and then without warning the Aboriginal women reached up and hugged the African women. They all started crying.

It made me realise that even though these people have come from totally different places around the world, they have the same goals and aims because they all want a better life.

I was so touched by this story that I have been more than happy to give my time up to help run a number of youth workshops for these African and Aboriginal kids.

Despite our difference, it's amazing how similar we all really are.
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DANCE wrote: What a kind heart your dad has
lovebug wrote: Your dad has become my latest hero, but then there is the possiblity, you might just pass him and become my latest hero. We all need someone to look up to. One more story and you will be at the top of my list.
Willa wrote: Thanks for sharing this act of love with us - people like this give me hope for the world- and are an inspiration to me.
Take care
SAKiwiOz wrote: Thank you for sharing the love of the world with us. Good luck with your next work.
Amanda4384 wrote: Thanks for sharing, FREEhugsRock! This story has really touched my heart. I fell in love with Australia when I lived there for 4 months. The history and the struggles of the aboriginals really saddened me, and its great to hear about people trying to make a difference in their lives! Best wishes and god bless to you and your father. Thanks again
brighteyes wrote: FREEhugsROCK:
Thanks for sharing the's a perfect reflection of the story I just posted yesterday entitled, Kindness starts with Empathy.
When we see everyone as one- a big family of and wanting similiar things...walking in their is so much easier to forgive, to understand, to love and share....because that is what we do for family or "tribe" members....concentrate on the similiarities not the difference.
Your Dad is my Hero of the Day...what a wonderful gift for peace making he has.
Blessings to you and your Dad.
Smiles from Brighteyes ;)
afriendlysmile wrote: What a really heartwarming story and lovely comments by brighteyes agree with everthing she says.
What a great example you and your dad are setting,big hugs to you both.
love and smiles

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