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Good Morning!

--by kperrine, posted Dec 18, 2014
Good Morning! Wishing all of you a great day filled with happiness! Today on my drive into work I saw 2 black bears crossing the road. They moved slowly and one even looked right at me as he passed by my car. What a special gift he gave me this morning. There is a small stream nearby and I'm sure they were going for water and some fish! Gotta love nature's treasures.

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anna97210 wrote: I love your appreciation of the simple pleasures of nature. Thanks for sharing this!
kiwicat wrote: Lucky! I've seen dolphins swimming in the bay one morning on my way to work. It's magical seeing wild animals doing their thing in peace
kiwicat wrote: I saw dolphins swimming in the harbour one morning on my way to work. It was magical seeing them in their own environment at peace
petroskryf wrote: So true, we can learn so much from nature and all her animals. No bears in my part of the world, but here i can listen to the coucal's sweet song.
Mish wrote: :)) knew it was you before I saw your name, just from the beautiful picture!! ((HUGS))
kperrine wrote: Thank you, Mish. You always make me smile :)
pritipt wrote: Beautiful sunrise... I love nature and how it keeps me grounded
denisemj wrote: Nice picture! Thanks for sharing :):)
jomartin87112 wrote: Wow. Bear blessings! That's really huge - they don't show themselves by accident - they are there for you
debbe530 wrote: Yes, like Jo said, bear blessings! What a lovely gift. And photo too.

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