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Happy Faces!

--by mfgd, posted Dec 20, 2014
In our class we have formed an NGO called "Recolectando Felicidad". We decided, for our second project, to spend time with kids from different schools. Instead of bringing them toys or material things we decided to play with them because we feel that playing with them, giving them love and making them smile was way more valuable.

The class formed small groups, with three or four people each, to take care of the different games Our group  was in charge of the play dough modelling activities.

The day before visiting "Rayo de Luz" (a local school for children with learning difficulties) we met up to make the dough. We used flour, water, salt and food coloring, to make sure the dough would be safe for children. We made 4,5 kilograms of dough in six colors: pink, teal, yellow, purple, black and white.

The next day, we went to the school. We invited the kids over to play with us. The kids loved playing with the dough, and started
 experimenting with different shapes and mixing the colors. By the time we finished, all of the different colors had been mashed up into a big blob of purply dough. We decided to take pieces and put them in little plastic bags so the kids could take it home to play.

The best part of this experience was seeing the happiness in their faces. We're just a group of teenagers from Argentina, and this is how we're practicing kindness.
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Riona wrote: Simple, but so much fun! You show us all that it can be done!
Matth wrote: What a wonderful story, go on, chicos! √ā¬°felicitaciones!
smile wrote: Good idea :) playing together helps people connect, with kids it works wonders , i agree :)
jomartin87112 wrote: I want to give you all un abrazo grande! Y'all are doing great things!

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