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I Read This Today ...

--by brindlegirl, posted Dec 20, 2014
I read this today and it must be shared here. A true act of kindness and compassion.

"Jessica Eaves from Guthrie, Oklahoma recently had her wallet stolen by a man while she was grocery shopping. Most people in that situation would immediately get the authorities involved, but she found a way to resolve her problem herself.

"I saw this gentleman down the aisle from me," Jessica tells us. "He walked behind me, and when I got a couple of aisles over, I realized my wallet was gone."

"I spotted him in a crowded aisle and approached him," she continues. "I'm a pretty out-there personality, but I was quiet and calm."

"I said to him, 'I think you have something of mine. I'm gonna give you a choice. You can either give me my wallet and I'll forgive you right now, and I'll even take you to the front and pay for your groceries."

The alternative? Jessica reporting him to the police.

"He reached into his hoodie pocket and gave me my wallet," she recalls, adding that the man was extremely grateful for her help and forgiveness.

"He started crying when we walked up to the front," she says. "He said he was sorry about 20 times by the time we went from the pickle aisle to the front. He told me he was desperate."

She spent $27 on his groceries, which included milk, bread, bologna, crackers, soup and cheese. "The last thing he said was, 'I'll never forget tonight. I'm broke, I have kids, I'm embarrassed and I'm sorry.'"

"Some people are critical because I didn't turn him in, but sometimes all you need is a second chance," she adds.

This generosity and desire to help others is a major part of Jessica's life. Though she's a full-time college student, United Way employee, wife and mother of four, she still finds time to work with the Christian Outreach in her community and spends up to 12 hours per week volunteering.

Says Jessica, "My brother and I lost my dad to suicide when I was seven, and I remember him telling me years ago that no matter what I become in life, to always, always be kind." "


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anna97210 wrote: Thank you for sharing this example of true compassion. Giving love creates love and she created a circle of hope and healing that will never be broken.
Annabella wrote: Feel so humbled reading this. Thankyou for sharing this story! xox

mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for bringing this wonderful story to our attention!
heartofflesh wrote: I woke this morning reading yout story .wonderful to read.
jomartin87112 wrote: What an amazing story! Thank you for sharing this!
unknown wrote: It is amazing. Thank you!
debbe530 wrote: Wow - what an inspiring story. Good people are driven to separate measures in today's economy. and it will probably get worse with the SNAP benefit reduction coming soon. May be all be so kind.
Mish wrote: Tears in me eyes from her beauty of being! Wow!
pritipt wrote: Great. Thanks for sharing this. I believe no one is born bad/evil. It is the situation they are in that makes them desperate.

kperrine wrote: what a special person! Good karma will sure follow her trail

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