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My Heart Feels Light Today

--by unknown, posted Mar 15, 2015
In late August, I saw a local news story about an elderly man, a Korean War veteran, whose former attorney had stolen most of his trust fund ($286,000) before he found out. She was subsequently disbarred and is currently serving jail time. I was so taken aback by the story - at the injustice to the victim and the horror that  someone in my profession had done this.

I set up a web page on a crowd funding site to raise money for him. At the same time, I contacted his current attorney to let her know, so there would be no appearance of impropriety on my part. People from all over the country donated and left him beautiful messages, including my dad, who is also a senior citizen.

Today I finally closed down the account. I mailed a check and a letter to him along with the printed pages of the messages left to him by the donors. I have never met him, and likely never will, but I feel so moved by his story and honored to have helped him. Here is his picture from the news source. His attorney said he is going to be so touched. I hope so. I want him to know that complete strangers care about him.

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Rajni Gohil wrote: Your kindness is greatly appreciated. Hope others get inspiration and propagate kindness. Albert einstein wisely said "only a life lived for others is a life lived worthwhile.
awom7604 wrote: I thank god for a wonderful person that you are. You have really renewed this veteran's hope in humanity. That there are still good people around. Blessings to you in abundance.
mightym wrote: How amazing of you! Wow! You not only acknowledged that something was very wrong. You made it right! I am so pleased to know that you are out there helping those less fortunate. You are truly an angel!
sandyremillar wrote: People like you are an honor to know, more so in such a demanding profession. Thank you for your kindness. You remind me of a dear close friend that is also a lawyer. I am honored to be her friend, always fighting for justice and helping all in need. Just like you! Thank you for honoring your profession and humanity with your deeds! Namaste.
lindy wrote: Kind soul!
jomartin87112 wrote: I am so proud of you@ What an abslutely marvelous thing to do - you are a credit to your profession!
unknown wrote: Thank you Jo and Lindy!
debbe530 wrote: Lisa, you are a perfect example of what the legal profession should be about. Very proud of you. Love and hugs.
heartofflesh wrote: There are as many good people as evil ones in this world.Hopefully in the coming days and weeks his faith in humanity is restored.Thanks for the good deed.
mindyjourney wrote: Thanks you for helping to amend an injustice. Continued blessings in your noble profession.

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