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Purple and Orange Haired Girl

--by Aurelia, posted Aug 15, 2007

While grocery shopping the other day I came across an odd looking girl.  She was at the end of the isle I was walking down. She had Spikey Purple and orange Hair, wore a  black leather jacket with silver chains, tight pants and then combat boots. As I got closer to her I noticed wild black makeup and piercings on her face.  I have to say, she was a little scary looking!

I tried to clear my mind of her appearance. I did and then I looked right in her eyes, smiled and said "How ya doing?"  I think I shocked her, she was silent for a moment and then said "Pretty good, it's a nice day out there isn't it?"

Small chit chat, but I'm glad I was able to see beyond her appearance and just say hi to her. It's strange how this generation is dressing, but then I guess I might have looked odd to the elders of my generation my poofy hair, blue eye-makeup, tight pants and baggy shirts!

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Alraisi wrote: That was very nice from you to do it. I like it when you do this. You did the hi thing and everything else started from her. The best start as all writers say that the Greeting is the Key to the Heart...!!! Keep It Up ~Aurelia...!!!
Caratyzna wrote: That was such a great thing you did! A lot of the 'Goth' people I know dress that way because they feel no one notices them. They get noticed with those clothes, but of course not in a meaningful way. You just talking to her might have been very important in how she sees herself.
upwiththesun wrote: Having raised a son through purple, blue, pink, green, rainbow mohawk, etc. hair I can't tell you how delighted that you reached out to that girl. My son was then and still is, the kindest, most compassionate, earth friendly young man. Sometimes there is a really neat person hiding under all the stuff if someone just takes a chance to look!
AlbanyKate wrote: Yes! Of course the most wonderful people might not always look like what society deems "normal" is at the time. I myself dress pretty nicely, often in dressy clothing, but some of my best friends dress in punk fashion. They're still good people!
laughingheart wrote: That reminds me of my husbands daughter. When I moved to Finland to be married. I had not seen his daughters nor his son yet. His daughters lived with their mother. This was his second marriage and mine too. His youngest daughter was afraid I would not like what she looked like because she had some facial piercings and some wild hair dyings also. Now, I was not use to this kind of sight, because where I came from, I had never seen a tongue piercing, nor an eyebrow piercing, nor a below the lip piercing and a nose piercing before. LOL. But, she did warn her father she was going to wear her piercings and her father told me about them before the wedding, so I would not be too shocked. Needless to say, she was very interesting to look at, but She is a very lovely girl. And I love her very much.
brighteyes wrote: always have a to read them...and yes each generation has their own style which may not be well received by an older may also be their way to differentiate themselves from the crowd or get attention ....kudo's to you for meeting her eyes, acknowledging her as a person and making small chit chat...everyone enjoys a smile and some small talk.
Smiles from Brighteyes ;)
gwenmari1029 wrote: youngsters have a different fashion sense these days! they may look 'weird' and different in expressing themselves but deep inside, they just want to be noticed and appreciated.
keep letting people smile :)
afriendlysmile wrote: Hi Aurelia

You certanily can't judge people by their appearances.

Just the other day I was reading in the paper about a group of leather clad motor cyclists who had raised thousands of pounds for needy charities.

Thank you for making it a smiley day.

Love and smiles.

Afriendlysmile :)

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