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An Old Man's Can of Oil

--by afriendlysmile, posted Aug 16, 2007
Wherever he went, he carried it with him.  If he found a door that was squeaking, he would put a spot of oil on the hinges; if a neighbour's sewing machine wasn't running smoothly, he was always ready with his oil can; and all the boys in the neighbourhood knew where to go if their bikes were needing attention.

As the old man went through life, he and his oil can were always there to make life pleasanter and easier for those with whom he came into contact.

It is only a story I've heard, but perhaps some of the folk we meet have problems that make their life difficult and irritable.  And perhaps, like that old man, we can lubricate it with the oil of kindness, gentleness and thoughtfulness.

If we have our own can of oil ready for such occasions, what a difference it can make!

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Nickgrand wrote: Thanks you for shearing and God bless!!
isdyck wrote: I guess we could all learn from that. Great story. God bless
brighteyes wrote: AFS.....great story and moral and so, very, very truth.
Megasmiles from Brighteyes ;)

P.S. Got my can of oil with me at now at all times...never know when it will be needed and shared. ;)

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