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--by starryskies, posted Dec 23, 2014
Each individual plant is breathing in carbon dioxide, breathing out oxygen. Each individual animal is breathing in oxygen, breathing out carbon dioxide. In this way, we are all connected and dependent upon one another in the deepest sense, for breath, for life.

We are each giving and receiving a vital gift to the other, the ultimate kindness. Taken as a whole, all the plants breathing, in and out, all the animals breathing, in and out, it's as if the earth herself is breathing. One in breath. One out breath.

Perhaps she feels each heart beat as well, and her singular heart beats with the strength of each of ours.

Today I will be kind to the earth. I will walk gently. I will honor all living beings. I will look to the trees with gratitude for the gifts they freely give, rather than with superiority simply because they are different from me. I'll stop to let an ant cross my path and consider the impact of my choices on the world we both share. I'll send love to each of you and hope your day is a blessed one, as you walk along your paths as well. <3
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JyotiB wrote: Lovely thoughts and beautiful picture of the flower too
anna97210 wrote: What a wonderful tribute to practice of mindfulness. A pure telling of the teachings of thich nhat hahn, one of my favorites. Merry christmas to you!
sandyremillard wrote: Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. And for the good wishes!
starryskies wrote: Thanks all for your comments! :) Yes, breathe deeply with gratitude, we are all blessed with the miracle that is life. <3
Mish wrote: Knew it..... Knew it..... ((((YOU))))). I recognize your beautiful energy immediately! And, funny, just had arborist out here for annual tree-check...we love our trees too! Hugs
starryskies wrote: :) Big smiles and hugs back! <3 So wonderful that you love your trees too. Makes my heart smile, kind friend. Grateful for your presence here and in our world.
jomartin87112 wrote: And peace and blessings and gratitude to you!
peacehunter wrote: deep breath ...ahhhhhhh i love it here :)
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you! I did so enjoy my day :). Each breath is a gift. We are so blessed.

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